A little while back, we reported that MPG’s inaugural retail location opened in the trendy and youth-oriented shopping district of Itaewon in Seoul, South Korea. In the short time since, another stand alone location, several mall outlets and a slew of department store soft shops have opened to critical and public acclaim. Below, we highlight just a few of the new MPG retail stores taking Korea by storm.

The original MPG shop in Itaewon, Seoul.

The original MPG shop in Itaewon, Seoul.

MPG Bundang

The stand-alone shop, located in the highly developed and affluent Bundang district that is home to the city’s repatriated expats, has been enthusiastically received with nothing short of effusive praise for an alternative to prevalent brands found in the activewear market segment. One customer there was heard to remark she traveled over an hour and a half to see what MPG had to offer and,  subsequently, was not disappointed by what she found.
The Korea Team has already begun enlisting MPG Messengers one of whom held a fitness class at the shop.


DSCN6766             DSCN6742             DSCN6725
DSCN6815             DSCN6812             DSCN6722
              BUNDANG_PROMOTION (2)                          BUNDANG_PROMOTION (9)





















MPG Shinsegae Gagnam

Another location is situated at the Shinsegae Shopping Mall in the Gagnam area of Seoul popularized in Psy’s international hit, Gagnam Style.

      IMG_0390           IMG_0437


MPG Shinsegae Inchon

The last we’ll be focusing upon here is a soft-shop in the Shinsegae Department Store located in Seoul’s Inchon neighbourhood where an in-store fitness session also took place.








The Korea MPG team has ambitious plans to continue its rapid expansion across the nation with an additional 15-20 more locations slated to open by the end of 2015. We will, of course, keep you posted on developments as they transpire.


I’m Rainesford, the brand-new PR/Social Media intern for the wonderful MPG. One of the remarkably coolest parts of my new role here is being able to say I work for a brand whose shorts I am currently wearing and in whose product I completely believe in, which I’m sure will ever grow old. I am a writer and a ballet dancer-turned-yogi who also enjoys cycling, hiking and desperately trying to convince my body that I’m a runner (one day!).

I began training pre-professionally in ballet at age seven, and continued a rigorous schedule with intentions of eventually embarking upon a professional career until the age of fifteen, when I fractured my lower back, strained muscles around the site and subsequently lost a tremendous amount of flexibility in my left leg. Suddenly, the meticulously established plan I’d plotted for myself was devastatingly thrown off course. I used yoga as part of my rehab, trying to regain flexibility and my previous range of motion. I took my first yoga class at Steps on Broadway in New York, a legendary hub for dancers, and though it improved my flexibility, I also noticed I was calmer, more clear-headed, and pleasantly happier post-Downward-Dog.

Swiftly, good old Vinyasa classes segued into an infatuation with Bikram, and it’s easy to see why, since the mental benefits of sweat almost outweigh the physical ones. Eventually, I found that my ideal class is heated Vinyasa —which I now teach.

One of the most incredible aspects of this journey, from ballet dancer to yogi, has been seeing the similarities between the two diverse disciplines especially in the freedom, full-body movement and silent strength found in both. I am pretty sure yoga made me a better dancer but I am positive yoga made me a better person: The best version of myself mysteriously appears after a great yoga class, and I don’t think that’s a coincidence.

In many ways, I’m not a stereotypical yogi: I am not a Vegan (good for those who are!), I don’t know the proper Sanskrit yoga terms, and sometimes, after class, I like to eat French fries in lieu of fresh fruit. To me, these things summarize the greatest, most significant part of yoga: Anyone can do it. Anyone can be a yogi. Coming fresh off the ballet barre, where, frankly, not everyone possesses the physical attributes to be a dancer, this is wildly refreshing. I’ve seen it all – soccer players, nine-year-olds, stay-at-home moms, CEOs, CrossFitters, runners, swimmers, and more. They all meet on their mats and let yoga tell their stories.

Everyone of us has a great deal to say about our lives, our stories, and who, at our core, we truly and authentically are, which can be conveyed through our movement or in whatever style we sweat. Finding the way that speaks to us and pursuing it – whether it be on a bike, with a sprint, or on a mat speaks directly to MPG’s notion of ‘My Performance.’


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It’s been some time since we last posted an update on what’s happening over at Mondetta Charity Foundation, the philanthropic arm of our organization that currently provides support and financial assistance to Kamwokya Primary School in Kampala, Uganda and the New Life Home Trust Orphanage in Lamu, Kenya. As you’ll soon discover below, Twenty Fourteen is full of promise as the MCF undertakes some of its most ambitious initiatives to date.

Kamwokya Primary School – Kampala, Uganda

Campus Expansion

In collaboration with the Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA), ground has broken on the ambitious, and much-needed, campus expansion construction project that will ultimately witness 9 additional classrooms being added to the school to accommodate an exponentially growing student body that currently stands at 1750. The original capacity of the school is a mere 1000 students, which has resulted in close to 100 students crowded in one classroom presently. Considerations are being made to allow for vocational training in two of the additional rooms to provide instruction in stitching/tailoring and computer skills.

DSCN7866 copy

DSCN7871 copy

Screen Shot 2014-03-30 at 9.17.48 PM

Rotary Water Harvesting and Purification Project

The Rotary Clubs of Whitby Ontario, Winnipeg West and Mueyenge, Kampala will work in concert with MCF to begin installation of a water harvesting and purification system on the school grounds.
At present, the project has stalled due to land disputes that are in the midst of being resolved which will pave the way for the project to begin.
To ensure the facilities remain protected, a peripheral fence will be built around the school to safeguard the investments being made thereat. A revised estimate of the fencing project, recently received has come in 25% more than the original devised two years ago due to inflation.

Spare Change Project

Following a resoundingly successful Halloween campaign with the Seven Oaks School Division here in Winnipeg, $13000 was raised which will be split with local youth outreach program, Wayfinders and MCF. The program consisted of spare change boxes being placed at 22 schools in the division with chairman, Kish, conducting presentations to the student bodies at each to illustrate the difficult conditions impoverished children are forced to endure to attend school.
Classroom Poster

MCF and the Seven Oaks School Division will continue to collaborate with several other projects currently under consideration.

Teacher Exchange

Continuing the tremendously successful teacher exchange program that last saw the headmistress and two teachers from Kamwokya visit Winnipeg in 2012, the Seven Oaks School Division Superintendent
and three teachers will travel to Kampala in July to spend two weeks learning about the Ugandan education system.
Plans to expand the program further are in the works that would allow for students from each locale to travel to the other thereby fostering and cultivating relationships the MCF believes will last a lifetime.

Teachers Fund

Because the teachers in Uganda earn, on average, a pittance compared to what their equally qualified counterparts in Canada might, faculty at Kamwokya have formed a Teachers Association fund to which each member contributes. The funds collected can be drawn upon at a reasonable interest rate to allow the drawee an opportunity to find a place to live or make ends meet. As such, MCF has pledged to match an equal amount raised by the fund for the teachers’ benefit.

Mondetta Charity Classic Golf Tournament

Following our most successful Mondetta Charity Classic Golf Tournament that took place last summer, Lynsey Vokey, golf committee chair, was thrilled to present Kish Modha, MCF Chairman, a cheque for $45000.


MPG Contribution

One percent of all sales of MPG merchandise is contributed to Mondetta Charity Foundation.
Since the MCF was founded in 2004, 1% of all gross MPG Mondetta Performance Gear sales have been pledged to the foundation in support of its ongoing efforts in East Africa.


Pictured here are MPG National Sales Manager, Melissa McGlynn, and Mondetta/MPG VP of Sales, Raj Bahl, presenting MCF Chairman and President, Kish Modha, with the 2013 MPG contribution.

The organization as a whole looks forward to continuing the MCF’s work and tackling new initiatives slated for the coming year.

Karma Yoga at Moksha

Moksha Yoga, Waverley Street hosted a fund raising morning at their location for MCF. The event raised $1200.00 for which we are grateful to Ms Shauna Jessiman.



With the recent launch of the MPG Spring 2014 Collection, we’re proud to welcome a new and dynamic group of Messengers who we’ve enlisted to create our editorial images and videos for the season. Every week, we’ll be introducing a new Messenger here.

Leah Merchant is from Mobile, Alabama. She trained at North Carolina School of the Arts, the School of American Ballet, and Pacific Northwest Ballet School. She joined Pacific Northwest Ballet in 2007, and has danced works by George Balanchine, William Forsythe, Jiri Kylian, Crystal Pite, Victor Quijada, Marco Goecke, Ulysses Dove, Kent Stowell, Alexei Ratmansky, and Christopher Wheeldon.

“I love MPG because of its intelligent and fashionable design which allows me to be confident and comfortable in my active life.”

Scroll down to see Leah’s images and video:










With the recent launch of the MPG Spring 2014 Collection, we’re proud to welcome a new and dynamic group of Messengers who we’ve enlisted to create our editorial images and videos for the season. Every week, we’ll be introducing a new Messenger here.

Alex believes her love for the sport has allowed her to succeed as a runner.  Continually enjoying training, racing and seeing the benefits of her hard work, Alex’s passion for running has allowed her to compete at a very high level and keep striving for the next personal record or milestone of achievement.

Placing third at the collegiate national championships, Alex was injured and unable to run for months prior to the meet making her third place finish a great accomplishment and the victory all the more sweeter.

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With the recent launch of the MPG Spring 2014 Collection, we’re proud to welcome a new and dynamic group of Messengers who we’ve enlisted to create our editorial images and videos for the season. Every week, we’ll be introducing a new Messenger here.

Steve Isaacs is the creator and host of web series Sweet Ride USA and is passionate about bike commuting. His career has spanned the entertainment and digital worlds as an MTV VJ, the singer of two major-label rock bands and as an award-winning digital creative director. He came up with the concept for Sweet Ride USA after frustration with LA’s car culture led him to discover another world in the bike culture.

Scroll down to see Steve’s images and video:








With the recent launch of the MPG Spring 2014 Collection, we’re proud to welcome a new and dynamic group of Messengers who we’ve enlisted to create our editorial images and videos for the season. Every week, we’ll be introducing a new Messenger here.

Valerie and Erica are two social media fit moms who connected through a shared passion about empowering women in fitness. Valerie & Erica were tired of fitness magazines filled with diet quick fixes and gimmicks. They believe women are craving more challenge, more real information to empower themselves and to help them make positive, permanent changes for themselves.

They launched their first issue of the all digital GORGO Women’s Fitness Magazine on November 1, 2013 using a cutting edge platform. GORGO publishes six articles online and via iOS app (iPad, iPhone), twice monthly (24 issues a year) with articles that are for all women of all ages craving fitness and health content from trusted experts.

GORGO is created for the digital age using mobile-friendly web and a new iOS newsstand app publishing software that still in its beta version. GORGO is created specifically for these platforms to enhance readers’ reading pleasure as more people continue to consume content through technology.

The title GORGO represents the ancient Spartan Queen, Gorgo. In ancient Greek history, Spartans were the only culture that trained girls along side the boys as warriors. There was a belief that a strong woman would produce a strong next generation. GORGO believes that, like the Spartan women, modern women are everyday warriors.

Valerie Solomon, Editor In Chief

Valerie built her social media following to 150,000+ in two years with her brand of living a fit life FOR her children, instead of being fit in spite of four kids.  Valerie is known in the social media world as Busy Mom Gets Fit.
Valerie is a mother of four boys and military wife from Ft. Meade, Maryland.

Erica Willick, CEO

Erica went from being a fit but fairly shy office professional to being a magazine fitness model, an international cover girl and two time Pro Bikini Model champion.  Erica is known in the social media world as heading up Sisters in Shape.
Erica is a mother, financial controller and wife from London, Ontario.

Scroll down to see the GORGO women’s images and video:















With the recent launch of the MPG Spring 2014 Collection, we’re proud to welcome a new and dynamic group of Messengers who we’ve enlisted to create our editorial images and videos for the season. Every week, we’ll be introducing a new Messenger here.

Dr. Marcus Elliott is a Harvard trained physician specializing in performance enhancement and the development of elite athletes. As Founder and Director of P3 – Peak Performance Project, he is dedicated to applying cutting edge science for optimal athletic achievement. He has trained some of the world’s best athletes including those at the U.S. Olympic Training Center, the Australian Institute of Sport, and the Sports Science Institute of South Africa. Since 1998, Dr. Elliott’s primary focus has been on peak performance and injury prevention in U.S. professional power-based sports, including baseball, basketball, football, volleyball and soccer.

Scroll down to see Marcus’ images and video:

Marcus P1

Marcus P2

Marcus P3

Marcus P4

Marcus L2

Marcus L1

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With the recent launch of the MPG Spring 2014 Collection, we’re proud to welcome a new and dynamic group of Messengers who we’ve enlisted to create our editorial images and videos for the season. Every week, we’ll be introducing a new Messenger here.

Britta Trubridge (B.A. Psychology), creator of B. Tru Yoga™ and the TruBlue Foundation, is a 500h RYT of the Sivananda Vedanta School, a 300h certified Ayurvedic Counselor and a Reiki Healer with specialties in acupressure, crystal and chakra therapies. Britta is also an AIDA3 star freediver and is the yoga specialist for the elite Vertical Blue freediving school. Britta teaches a hatha blend of Sivananda-style, Kundalini and Ashtanga yogas laced with energy healing techniques, internal flexibility maneuvers and pranayama.  Her synergistic work in combining yoga, freediving and energy healing has allowed for a beautiful infusion of the more subtle aspects of yoga into a well-rounded physical and spiritual practice.

Britta currently holds Caribbean Yoga Retreats Fall through Spring, European Workshops and Retreats in the summer and offers Ayurvedic Consultations year round.

Scroll down to see Britta’s images and video:

Britta P1


Britta P2


Britta P3


Britta P4


Britta P5


Britta P6


Britta P7


Britta P8


Britta L1


Britta L2


Britta L3


Britta L4



MPG Spring 2014


Our women’s collection for Spring 2014 has been divided into activity-specific capsules including Run/Active, Dance/Lifestyle, Yoga, Golf/Tennis and Commuter all of which have allowed the MPG design team to refine their approach to the collection as a whole.

The Run/Active capsule, well suited for running and medium to high intensity workouts, introduces new fabrications including striped jersey, anti-static, cooling mesh and space dyes all of which combine to create an interesting play of textures and patterns. Power mesh detailing and clever use of reflectivity, built into seams, elevate our active pieces with added functionality yet remain dynamically playful. The colour story, as a whole, is energetic and bright with hues such as crimson red and pink petal.

LT20-murakami-crimson-f  LT16-Accomplish-f LT05-Aerobic-f-pink
LB12-Distance-pinkpetal-f  LB76-Lola-graphite-f LB05-Track-Pink-F

Fabrications in the Yoga capsule are soft to the touch, yet retain a performance edge, and are imbued with a smoky rose print to create a romantically feminine feel. The introduction of our performance denim herein creates an exciting and unexpected development in active wear as a whole and is applicable to both sessions in the yoga studio or catching a latté with friends after. Burnout fabrics featuring an easy drape create relaxed silhouettes characteristic to the yoga category.

bodhi-f-smokeyrose  LT09-Chakra-blue-f LT15-Yama-f-charcoalblk
hatha-f-greyroseprint  LB79D-Satori-charcoal-F LB06P-Kriya-f

Fabric updates in Dance/Lifestyle include lightweight melange rayon sweater knits, perfect for before/after workout cover up, layered linen with built-in performance tank and soft-hand french terry. Burnouts have been textured for added visual appeal while our water-colour striped print story evokes an artistic flair previously seen in the Holiday 2013 collection. The Dance/Lifestyle capsule also features the introduction of our newest sports bra, Exuberant.

LT27-Exuberant-f-ashgrey  LT30-Realm-f-orangeaurora LT13padma-f-atomicblue
LT36-Constant-AshGrey-F  LB77-Carouse-Oatmeal-F LB15-Tresor-f-black

The capsule marks our first foray into the style-specific sports of golf and tennis, an exciting segment the brand foresees growing in coming seasons. Mesh-trimmed tanks, playful skirts in both pleated and swing styles and a tennis dress with a mesh overlay all feature prominently herein while details such as body contouring seam detailing separate MPG from the norm. The looper back stretch woven Topspin tennis blazer and novelty jacquard Deuce convertible hooded jacket are two of the collection’s standout outerwear pieces.

LO05-Topspin-f  LT39-Ace-apricot-f LO06-deuce-white-f
LB19-Match-F-white  LB20-Zinger-Ink-F LB16-Court-Apricot-F

Another introductory segment, the MPG design team is excited to take a first step in the Commuter segment that, perhaps more than any other capsule, allows for an heightened approach to blending the worlds of performance and lifestyle. A ponti de roma double knit jersey pant and looper back stretch woven combined with performance denim short round out the bottoms while the tops feature a technical vest featuring reflective hems and unique pleating details. A convertible jacket can be worn either long for short depending on conditions.

LT45-rush-f-black  LO09-Lane-f-charcoal

LB24-Urban-f  LB21-Route-f


The MPG Spring 2014 men’s collection, unlike previous seasons that have skewed more heavily towards performance, has been imbued with stylistic colour treatments and textures.
A dramatic and subtly elegant melange ombre has been brilliantly executed in the Fjord hooded sweatshirt while the best-selling Momentum short has been given a textured finish in a new iteration called Strait.
The colour palette has been updated with both an energetic, intense blue and a fashion forward maritime blue, while grounding tones remain perennial standbys of charcoal, black and graphite.
Reflecting prevalent fashion trends, the men’s silhouette continues to become more streamlined and slim with each passing season finding fruition in styles such as Drive and Stretch, both refined versions of the conventional men’s workout pant.
Brand identification has been minimized to differentiate MPG from other leading activewear labels in the marketplace to reflect the brand’s increased focus on fashion functionality, performance meeting lifestyle.

MT01-circuit-blue-f  MT03-Core-Grey-F MT05-Pump-Blue-F
MT11-Fjord-Maritime-F  MT12-Glacier-maritime-f MT08-Plateau-Charcoal-F
MB02-Muscle-Black-F  MB04-Stretch-Black-F MB06-Strait-Orange-f
MB20-Blade-Black-F  MB21-Drive-Black-F MB25-Arcane-Charcoal-f