MPG Fall 2014

Women’s Collection

The MPG Fall 2014 Women’s Collection continues the previous season’s approach by dividing the line into activity-specific capsules including RUN/ACTIVE, YOGA, DANCE/LIFESTYLE and COMMUTER. As always, inspiration has been gleaned from fashion runways to ensure MPG remains at the forefront of creating collections that are infused, and elevated beyond the norm, with cutting edge design and styling.


Intended for running and medium to high-intensity workout such as CrossFit, PDX, Spinning and myriad other activities that push the human body to its limits, the RUN/ACTIVE capsule features embossed python patterns, mesh accent details, concealed reflectivity and a striking mottled, non-pattern conforming plaid/geometric print. The palette includes on-trend black and white with an apple green for strategic high-contrast pop accents.

LT47-Push-green-F  LT54-Soul-Mandarin-F LT98-Select-White-W
LT80-Zoey-front-charcoal  LB99-Strut-Front LO15-Jasmine-white-F


Pieces in the YOGA capsule, as expected, are loose draping for relaxed silhouettes, ideal for studio classes in any form of yoga. The print story features a first-time foray into a captivating and majestic landscape print that integrates the capsule’s three main hues: zinfandel, mandarin and text blue. The result are pieces that are not only comfortable to wear but are also interesting and unique. Cover-ups are constructed from a wool blend for added warmth perfect for traveling to and from class.

LT52-Flow-Blue-F  LT55-Jiva-f LT99-Annex-Zinfandel-F
LB02D-Perspective-LandscapePrint-F  LB96-Reach-RunPlaidPrint-F LB96A-Reach-YogaPlaidPrint-F


Our most casual and versatile capsule, the LIFESTYLE collection features featherweight tanks accented with burnout lace for an added touch of playful femininity in addition to lightweight and airy rayon-terry coverups. The pieces herein are meant to be mixed and matched with both the active pieces found in other capsules as well as with casual items such as jeans, blazers or your go-to fall boots. The palette herein is comprised of zinfandel, blue grass, oatmeal and heather charcoal.

LT75-Fiona-HeatherOatmeal-F  LT73-Portia-Zinfandel-F LT68-Epiphany-f-bluegrass
LT19A-Kate-coral-f  LB77-Carouse-HeatherCharcoal-F LB30-Maia-f-ink


For the woman on the go, the COMMUTER capsule remains subtle above all else: reflective accents have been cleverly obscured and the palette remains true to that theme with black, charcoal and dark olive tones. Outerwear pieces are element resistant while the bottoms feature a herringbone jacquard and tops a warm thermal brushed jersey.

LO09-Lane-Black-F  LT89-Tempest-olive-F
LB38-Explore-Black-F  LB24-Urban-Black-Front



Lazy Sundays, to and from the gym or other relaxed environs, the BURNOUT WASH styles adopt the Comfort is Key ethos in its approach. Slim-fit sweatpants, which have exploded over the past year, are prominently featured while tops are ruched, slouchy and possess an innate wearability.

LT96W-Esprit-f-zinfandel  LT91W-Innocence-HeatherOatmeal-F1 LT74W-Illusion-f-black
Lb60P-Scrunch-Black-F  LT62-Temerity-HeatherCharcoal-F LB94-Patience-HeatherCharcoal-F


Jacquard and pigment dye is the story for seamless this season with colours that are elegantly mixed in combinations of purple cactus, text blue and charcoal. Intended as underpinnings or paired with cover-ups, the tops could also be used for hot yoga. Seamless construction, as always, allows for maximum comfort in any setting or during any activity.

LT59J-Mist-F  LT91J-Panorama-f LT90J-Vivacity-f
LB45J-Exist-Zinfandel-F  LT60J-Cosmo-Blue-F LB46J-Bijou-Black-F

Men’s Collection

Our Men’s 2014 Collection builds on the steps forward made in Spring by continuing to remain performance-oriented yet infused with even more stylistic flourishes and a dash of gentlemanly flair. The result is a complete collection, divided among activity-specific capsules, that is sophisticated, functional and fashion forward. The palette has been updated with two strong blue tones, prince and deep navy, zinfandel and orange. Silhouettes have been refined to be slimmer and streamlined, echoing prevalent market trends, and provide a tailored approach to men’s active. Especially exciting is the inclusion of slim sweatpants which have exploded on fashion capital runways and continue to be at the forefront of both active and casual men’s wear. Capsules this season include RUN/ACTIVE, LIFESTYLE, COMMUTER and CORE.

MT20-Command-Navy-f  MT21-Mandate-Grey-F MT52-Fore-Blue-f
MT17-Dominate-Navy-f  MT74-Exeter-Oatmeal-F MT73-Richmond-Zinfandel-f
MB27-Actuate-navy-f  MB29-Physique-Navy-F
MB18-Weston-f  MB25-Broadway-black-f

The following is a guest blog written by MPG Messenger and Yoga Instructor, Britta Trubridge.


“Every flow has its ebb.” – French Proverb

Life ebbs and flows and we all find ourselves in the lower vibration of an ebb from time to time. An ebb can be something as simple as a period of introspection or recharging or something as soul shaking as the loss of a loved one and the mourning thereafter. There is nothing wrong with periods of low vibrations, and it is important to remember that there is beauty and wisdom in all of life’s tides and often it is when we struggle against them that we cause ourselves unnecessary pain. However, it is not uncommon to find ourselves subconsciously recreating a pattern of low vibration, in turn getting our energies “stuck” in an ebb and as a result creating unnecessary long-term mental, physical and spiritual discomfort.

You know this has happened when you recognize the desire to reconnect and get the energies flowing again but seem to have forgotten how. If this has happened to you or someone you know remember first and foremost not to judge or be angry at yourself (this will only perpetuate the cycle) and rather bare in mind that you are not alone in this and there are steps that you can take to begin to regain your power. Below are a few techniques I have found that if actively applied really help to raise the inner energies and improve mental well-being.

Get into nature

Set your intention to connect, release and recharge through nature. Go for a hike, lay on the beach, sit in the garden. Just make sure that your body actually touches the Earth (no side walks, concrete pool decks etc.). Kick off your shoes, turn off your devices and give yourself a minimum of 30 minutes of silent communion with nature. Focus on the way the sun feels on your skin, the way your body feels being gently tugged against the Earth, observe the intricacies of a leaf, the behaviors of the animals or bugs, or the brilliance of the moon. You could even plant a flower or some seeds, do a little weeding, sink your fingers into the Earth, swim in the sea – the possibilities are endless here.

Move your body

Yoga is wonderful but sometimes it can be hard to find the inspiration for a practice, in this case take a brisk walk or go for a swim. Don’t even think of it as exercise and don’t push yourself. Simply focus on getting your blood, oxygen and lymph flowing. Think of it as a little treat from you to your body ;)


To Yourself

Take a scented candlelit bubble bath and use those fancy suds you’ve been saving. Pick or buy some beautiful flowers and take a little extra time to arrange them. Dry brush your skin, massage your own feet (or go get a professional massage if you can!) Read an indulgent book (or a book designed to support your well-being!) put on that song that makes your heart blossom in smiles on your face. The list is endless. Take the extra time to do something extra loving for yourself.

*Side note: chocolate and champagne don’t count, sorry ladies! …Though these things might feel like “treats” they aren’t actually going to rejuvenate and nurture your body! Don’t think immediate gratification, think of something that is enjoyable but will also nourish you in the long run.

To Another

Make a point to give something to someone else today. Buy or make a “just because” gift or card for a loved one. You could simply make a commitment to smile or give a compliment to three people today. Whatever you give, it’s the act of giving that feels good and opens up the energetic flow of abundance.

Talk about it

Opening up to a confidant, someone you trust unequivocally, can allow you to unburden yourself and perhaps gain a different perspective on the matter at hand.

Write about it

Writing your feelings out forces you to think about them differently and perhaps see things in a different light.

Get creative

Take 30 minutes to nurture your creativity. This doesn’t mean doing something that you are good at, it just means what it says “nurturing your creativity.” Try something you’ve never done before…make up a short fictional story, paint your cat, draw your husband, cut up some old clothes and make them into something new, try out a new hairstyle, make a new piece of jewelry out of something old, paint your nails, bake a cake (try a new healthy recipe then give it to someone as an added bonus!!).

The idea behind all of these suggestions is simply to take you back to the basics. Breath, movement, nature, creativity, giving and receiving –all forms of energetic “flow” to help you tap back into just that…the flow :)


Britta Trubridge (B.A. Psychology), creator of B. Tru Yoga and the TruBlue Foundation, is a 500h RYT, a 300h certified Ayurvedic Counselor and a Reiki Healer with specialties in acupressure, crystal and chakra therapies. Britta is also an AIDA3 star freediver and is the yoga specialist for the elite Vertical Blue freediving school. Britta teaches a Vinyasa flow laced with Kundalini, energy healing techniques, internal flexibility maneuvers and pranayama. Her synergistic work in combining yoga, freediving and energy healing has allowed for a beautiful infusion of the more subtle aspects of yoga into a well-rounded physical and spiritual practice.

Britta currently holds Caribbean Yoga Retreats Fall through Spring, European Workshops and Retreats in the summer and offers Ayurvedic Consultations year round.




We recently became friends with Ithaca, NY-based Vinyasa yoga teacher, Melissa Weiner, who has over 14 years of yoga experience, which she delved into after running injuries forced her to find alternate methods of treatment. A consummate athlete, she is also a USA Track and Field Level I coach and has received certifications in Spinning, Red Cross and Bigger Faster Stronger.
Here she shares some of her thoughts on a very special ‘Summer Solstice’ class she taught last week.


Today is the summer solstice, a time to celebrate the longest day of the year and the shortest night. I like to think of it as the turning point of the year where it slowly begins to grow darker. We should savor the longest day and the energy of the sun by being outside and taking in the energy of the sun. I was very fortunate today to teach two yoga classes outside in the grass. My first class was a Power Vinyasa class at Cass Park in Ithaca and my second was 108 sun salutes at the Plantations at Cornell University. I wore my MPG outfit to both classes, keeping me stylish and comfortable for three hours of teaching.

Screen Shot 2014-06-24 at 3.06.48 PM

People often ask why 108 sun salutes and why on the solstice. People have worshipped the sun for years. The summer solstice is a great time to reflect and reconnect with yourself and your breath with a moving meditation. It truly is a turning point of the year, as the days grow darker. Here are some of the reasons we chose to do 108 sun salutes at the Plantations:


What better way to celebrate a community of friends and family in a circle with yoga and a moving meditation? Being part of a community is one of the reasons I love teaching yoga. I even had a ten year old help me keep count of the 108 sun salutes.


There are 108 beads in a Mala Prayer necklace and the number is supposed to be sacred to Hindus and Buddhists. As a math person the number 108 is sacred to me (I look at the number 8 and think of the infinity symbol and of endless possibilities in our choices in life).


I have run 16 marathons and two ultra marathons. This is the ultimate marathon of yoga. It’s mind over matter, as you move through the 108 sun salutes. Just like a marathon, you truly have to dig deep within yourself through the last thirty. You find the comfort in the discomfort and move on. When you finish it feels like you crossed the finish line in Central Park and there is a great sense of accomplishment and pride.


Instead of sitting and meditating, we are taking our asana practice into a moving meditation. Just like a long run, we get into a flow and keep moving. The rhythm is felt as we link our movements to our breath. We get out of our heads and mind chatter and into our bodies. You can relax and give in to the sun salutes.


I break down the 108 salutes into 9 sets of twelve. I have each set be an offering. For example the first set was offering our focus to something in our life or for someone who needs it. Another was offering love, while another was prayer for someone who needs it. I changed it up each set.


What better way to unite with nature then to feel your feet on the grass, hear the birds, and the bumblebees and practice yoga outside. I love being able to reach my palms toward the sky and salute the sun. It makes me feel grateful to be alive and receive energy from the sun and the earth, and those around me.

I kept count with bracelets and pennies. I broke the 108 salutes into 9 sets of 12. I had nine Satya bracelets and 12 pennies. Each time I forward folded I moved a penny from one side of the mat to the other. After I did 12 salutes, which was one complete set, I moved a bracelet to my other wrist. Each set I had students offer something different up such as love for someone that needs it. We paused with our hands at our heart in and closed our eyes, reconnected and reflected to ourselves using our breath.

Did you do 108 sun salutes on the solstice? Are there reasons you did it? Who did you do it with and where? How did you feel after? Would you do it again? Please let us know in the comments!


MPG recently opened a new showroom in Los Angeles in an effort to bolster and grow our presence in the West Coast Market and has simultaneously hired on Lauren Ricca as our sales manager for the region.
Scroll down to read Lauren’s bio and check out some exclusive pics of the showroom:

Lauren Ricca is the US West Coast Regional Sales Manager for Mondetta Performance Gear, operating from sunny California out of the brand new MPG Los Angeles Showroom. Lauren brings with her 10 years of experience working within the fashion industry in New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. She has cultivated a unique outlook and diverse skill set by working with some of the world’s most innovative apparel brands. Lauren began her career under Ralph Lauren, and spent 4 ½ years managing sales and merchandising for Diesel.  She is also a trained educational speaker on behalf of FIDM, the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. Lauren holds a Bachelor of Arts in American Studies and Popular Culture from Lafayette College in Easton PA. Out of the classroom she enjoyed a successful career in Division I Collegiate Athletics as a member of the Women’s Lacrosse team.  In her new role at MPG Sport, Lauren looks forward to combining her sales and industry expertise with her passion for health and fitness. She resides in Venice Beach with her husband Joel, where you can find her cavorting in the sand, cruising on her bike or paddle boarding in the marina.

Lauren 1

I am excited to be part of a brand that is paving it’s own way in the market and making their presence known with exceptional product that speaks for itself.  It is inspiring to be on the verge of such growth through innovation and determination. I love this process and I am thrilled to be along for the ride.
- Lauren








910 S. LOS ANGELES ST. #808




MPG is passionate about passionate people: People who, with their movement, their fashion, and their leadership, inspire us and keep us moving. Now, we’re taking our fusion of fashion and function a step further, and chatting with our Messengers about everything from guilty pleasures to what gets them up in the morning. Ready to get motivated? We asked yoga instructor and free diver, Brittany Trubridge, about her favorite healthy snack, most-loved way to move, and more…


Photo: Daan Verhoeven

What MPG piece can you not stop wearing?

I’m obsessed with the Maya smoky rose print tank top. I wear it out and about and also on the mat.

What is your favorite way to sweat?

It’s a toss up between yoga and gardening

What is the inspirational quote that gets you out of bed in the morning?

What gets me out of bed isn’t a quote; it’s the feeling of gratitude.

Favorite healthy snack?

Plain yogurt w/ pumpkin and flax seed seeds, hemp hearts and a splash of maple syrup!

Favorite guilty pleasure?

Mojitos with fresh mint form my garden

Quick, someone needs motivation…what do you say?

Choose a feeling you want to feel…and feel it. Happiness, peace, freedom, joy…it’s all a choice and we have the power to consciously tune into any vibration our heart desires. Clarity is important though, that’s why it helps to think about how you want to feel. Step two is action – embodying the feeling is easier than you think. If you stay with it long enough, or revisit it enough, it becomes a habit. We often do this unconsciously so reminding people that we have control over our reality to a certain extent is very empowering.

Britta P2


At MPG, we know fitness is a journey, a way of life, with the power to change people’s lives, transform them, and inspire others along the way. However, it wasn’t until we read the story of Natalie, who lost her brother Frank (US Army Cpl.) when he was killed in action in Afghanistan on July 16th, 2011, that we realized the true power of fitness. Frank was the only solider who lost his life in his unit, and he was Natalie’s only sibling. In the aftermath of her brother’s passing, Natalie battled depression, anxiety, and excessive drinking, trying desperately to self-medicate and fill the void left by Frank’s death. Despite the darkness of a life lost in the most noble sense-serving one’s people-Natalie’s journey is one that ends in triumph: She took her passion for fitness and allowed it to heal her, entering her first fitness competition to, in her words, “honor not only my brother, but myself.”

franks-grad-bootcamp2010 029

Natalie not only overcame an onslaught of despair prompted by her brother’s passing, but also self-doubt, something athletes of all kinds can relate to: “This was a huge step for me because I had always said to myself “I could never have enough willpower to do one of those,” she said. She did more than enter-Natalie is constantly experimenting with a new fitness craze or sport (CrossFit, Snowboarding, and Wakeboarding rank high on her list of favorites) and also began work as a personal trainer to share her passion and make it possible for others to experience the transformative power of staying active.

In regard to her brother, Natalie is confident that she’s honoring his memory and making him proud: “Frankie would always laugh at me because I would work out so intensely and then have pizza! I truly believe he is up there smiling and laughing and puffing up his chest with pride that his big sister was able to accomplish something that seemed absolutely impossible for me.”

Transforming pain into healing power has changed the course of Natalie’s life, and there is no greater journey than one out of severe darkness into light. Remarking that she hopes people in similar situations know they aren’t alone, Natalie said: “It is proven that exercise increases endorphins and serotonin to the brain, therefore increasing your “happy levels” per se. If you force yourself to go try new things, meet new people, each day, you’ll notice you get a bit stronger. You may even find that something that once terrifies you becomes a place of joy within your life. The pain will always be there but the choice to change lies in your hands.”

Natalie’s pain will be ever-present, but even stronger is her newfound drive and her brother’s memory. Together, they have created an athlete and individual who inspires many as she redefines the word “hero.”

image (2)

image (3)

image (4)

image (1)


Following what was a truly fantastic Messenger Search Contest that had us receiving hundreds of terrific entries, we couldn’t be more thrilled to announce the winner of our MPG Spring 2015 Messenger Search, Kelly Fuston, who is a blogger over at Fat Girl Gone Fit.

Kelly’s fitness journey, she let us know after we had the distinct pleasure to let her know she’d won our contest, transformed not just her body, but her life as well. Going from, in her own words, the kid that played sports and “got the ‘thanks for trying’ trophy,” Kelly is now training for her first figure competition and recently celebrated the completion of her first half marathon.

After entering MPG’s Messenger Search on a whim, Kelly did quite a bit in between her initial entry and making it to round two: After getting married and leaving for her honeymoon, she received an email announcing that she was officially through to the second round. She credits her incredible following, those who have shown their support and provided the gift of motivation every step of the way, with her victory. “I hope to be able to spread my message of self-love no matter where someone is at in his or her journey. I want to help spread that hope,” she remarked on what she hoped would come of her MPG entry.

Kelly’s goal is to spread possibility: The hope that every individual has the power to transform his or her own life. She believes that accomplishments, such as entering competitions and running, has more to do with weight loss or getting caught up in the numbers. Her message is more about lasting memories, such as becoming confident in one’s own skin, loving her body and hitting goals like her first unassisted pull up.

Looking forward, Kelly hopes to start a family with her new husband, and continue inspiring people to tackle their goals and (literally) chase their dreams. Personally, Kelly is planning to bring her best self forward to the figure stage in August when she competes. Even now, to Kelly, the emphasis isn’t on appearance, but on leaving it all at the gym and surpassing her personal bests. Kelly has been embarking on her fitness journey for nearly three years, and though she admits we all love a good finish line, she suggests that learning to enjoy the process goes a long way: “Win each daily battle and eventually you win the war.” Another major focus? In between hitting it hard in the gym, Kelly encourages everyone to love themselves, regardless of where they might find themselves in their own experiences.

In fact, inclusivity is one of the aspects that first drew Kelly to MPG: “My favorite thing about MPG is that they embrace everyone, every body, every aspect of what make people beautiful – their differences.” When asked about the advice she’d give to those hoping to get healthy, Kelly had the following thoughts to share:

Eat to be healthy & ditch the diet. You need to properly fuel your body and nourish it. If you don’t eat, you are only harming yourself. All these fad diets and tricks don’t work in the long run. Just eat healthy food.

Keep it simple. People always try to make weight loss harder than what it really is. You don’t need a million supplements and machines to lose weight. There is no magic pill or secret – just eat whole foods and move more. In regards to exercise, you don’t need to start your journey bench pressing 300lbs; if all you can do is walk, do it! That is where I started out.

Don’t freak out. Even though you are trying to lose weight, life still happens. Unexpected situations arise, holidays happen and treat meals occur. Enjoy yourself and remember you worked hard for it.

It’s easy to see why Kelly is our fan-picked Messenger: With her fierce determination, incredible example of perseverance and success, and body-positive message, she is a role model in the gym and beyond. Welcome, Kelly – we couldn’t be more excited to have you representing MPG!

Kelly will officially become a Messenger following her photo shoot which should be taking place in the next few months. Stay tuned to see what promise to be some truly spectacular images as part of our Spring 2015 editorial campaign!

And scroll down to see some of Kelly’s inspiring transformation images and messages:

photo 1

photo 1

photo 3

photo 4

photo 2

photo 2


MPG is passionate about passionate people: People who, with their movement, their fashion, and their leadership, inspire us and keep us moving. Now, we’re taking our fusion of fashion and function a step further, and chatting with our Messengers about everything from guilty pleasures to what gets them up in the morning. Ready to get motivated? We asked Valerine Solomon and Erica Willick, two uber-fit moms who have empowered women in fitness via social media and their all-digital women’s fitness magazine, GORGO, about their favorite healthy snack, most-loved way to move, and more…


Erica Willick and Valerie Solomon, MPG Messengers – Spring 2014.


What MPG piece can you not stop wearing?

I keep wearing the grey MPG pullover with skinny jeans or black tights, to work dressed up with a scarf and heels, and on the weekend casual with flats. The fabric is so comfy yet looks dressy that I can wear it in a corporate environment.

What is your favorite way to sweat?

Lifting weights! Nothing beats a good weight lifting session.

What is the inspirational quote that gets you out of bed in the morning?


Favorite healthy snack?

Nothing beats a crisp apple and a handful of almonds for an easy and tasty healthy snack.

Favorite guilty pleasure?

Ice cream. Ice cream. Did I say ice cream?

Quick, someone needs motivation: What do you say?

Motivation comes from belief in yourself….you need to believe in yourself when no one else does. That’s the fire that keeps you going.




What MPG piece can you not stop wearing?

Hatha grey rose print crops and I’ve worn my Inspire crops with the lace cut out every time they were clean since I’ve owned them… a year and a half I think.
I love the way MPG pants fit and hold up to the rough workouts I put them through.

What is your favorite way to sweat?

I love to get sweaty lifting weights. I love working hard in the gym and pounding out life’s stresses on the iron.

What is the most inspirational quote thats gets you out of bed in the morning?

My fav is probably “What a shame for a (wo)man to grow old without ever seeing the strength and beauty of which (her) body is capable.” Socrates (attached image)

Favorite healthy snack?

My go to afternoon healthy pick-me-up snack is coffee with a scoop of chocolate or vanilla protein powder in it. (mix the powder in a bit of water in a shaker first, and pour in coffee like you would creamer) I’ll have that with all sorts of different carbohydrates depending on whether or not I am getting ready to compete or not. Competition: I pair it with a sweet potato. Off season: Crackers or fruit

Favorite guilty pleasure:

All things Mexican! Chips and queso please.

Quick, someone needs motivation: What do you say?

Whatever it is that you are thinking you’d like to do, take a step towards that today. Take a leap of faith. You don’t have to have it all figured out to make a change. You don’t have to know all of the answers. Ask for help along the way. I found this to be true in my fitness journey. I just got moving. I didn’t know (and still don’t!) all of the techniques for lifting weights. I just started and sought guidance as my journey progressed.



A little while back, we reported that MPG’s inaugural retail location opened in the trendy and youth-oriented shopping district of Itaewon in Seoul, South Korea. In the short time since, another stand alone location, several mall outlets and a slew of department store soft shops have opened to critical and public acclaim. Below, we highlight just a few of the new MPG retail stores taking Korea by storm.

The original MPG shop in Itaewon, Seoul.

The original MPG shop in Itaewon, Seoul.

MPG Bundang

The stand-alone shop, located in the highly developed and affluent Bundang district that is home to the city’s repatriated expats, has been enthusiastically received with nothing short of effusive praise for an alternative to prevalent brands found in the activewear market segment. One customer there was heard to remark she traveled over an hour and a half to see what MPG had to offer and,  subsequently, was not disappointed by what she found.
The Korea Team has already begun enlisting MPG Messengers one of whom held a fitness class at the shop.


DSCN6766             DSCN6742             DSCN6725
DSCN6815             DSCN6812             DSCN6722
              BUNDANG_PROMOTION (2)                          BUNDANG_PROMOTION (9)





















MPG Shinsegae Gagnam

Another location is situated at the Shinsegae Shopping Mall in the Gagnam area of Seoul popularized in Psy’s international hit, Gagnam Style.

      IMG_0390           IMG_0437


MPG Shinsegae Inchon

The last we’ll be focusing upon here is a soft-shop in the Shinsegae Department Store located in Seoul’s Inchon neighbourhood where an in-store fitness session also took place.








The Korea MPG team has ambitious plans to continue its rapid expansion across the nation with an additional 15-20 more locations slated to open by the end of 2015. We will, of course, keep you posted on developments as they transpire.


I’m Rainesford, the brand-new PR/Social Media intern for the wonderful MPG. One of the remarkably coolest parts of my new role here is being able to say I work for a brand whose shorts I am currently wearing and in whose product I completely believe in, which I’m sure will ever grow old. I am a writer and a ballet dancer-turned-yogi who also enjoys cycling, hiking and desperately trying to convince my body that I’m a runner (one day!).

I began training pre-professionally in ballet at age seven, and continued a rigorous schedule with intentions of eventually embarking upon a professional career until the age of fifteen, when I fractured my lower back, strained muscles around the site and subsequently lost a tremendous amount of flexibility in my left leg. Suddenly, the meticulously established plan I’d plotted for myself was devastatingly thrown off course. I used yoga as part of my rehab, trying to regain flexibility and my previous range of motion. I took my first yoga class at Steps on Broadway in New York, a legendary hub for dancers, and though it improved my flexibility, I also noticed I was calmer, more clear-headed, and pleasantly happier post-Downward-Dog.

Swiftly, good old Vinyasa classes segued into an infatuation with Bikram, and it’s easy to see why, since the mental benefits of sweat almost outweigh the physical ones. Eventually, I found that my ideal class is heated Vinyasa —which I now teach.

One of the most incredible aspects of this journey, from ballet dancer to yogi, has been seeing the similarities between the two diverse disciplines especially in the freedom, full-body movement and silent strength found in both. I am pretty sure yoga made me a better dancer but I am positive yoga made me a better person: The best version of myself mysteriously appears after a great yoga class, and I don’t think that’s a coincidence.

In many ways, I’m not a stereotypical yogi: I am not a Vegan (good for those who are!), I don’t know the proper Sanskrit yoga terms, and sometimes, after class, I like to eat French fries in lieu of fresh fruit. To me, these things summarize the greatest, most significant part of yoga: Anyone can do it. Anyone can be a yogi. Coming fresh off the ballet barre, where, frankly, not everyone possesses the physical attributes to be a dancer, this is wildly refreshing. I’ve seen it all – soccer players, nine-year-olds, stay-at-home moms, CEOs, CrossFitters, runners, swimmers, and more. They all meet on their mats and let yoga tell their stories.

Everyone of us has a great deal to say about our lives, our stories, and who, at our core, we truly and authentically are, which can be conveyed through our movement or in whatever style we sweat. Finding the way that speaks to us and pursuing it – whether it be on a bike, with a sprint, or on a mat speaks directly to MPG’s notion of ‘My Performance.’


Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset