Beach Body Yoga


Hello, sunshine. It’s almost officially June and although the excitement of summer is just around the corner, it also means bathing suit season is among us once again. No need to panic! Our second For The Love of Yoga installment focuses on “Beach Body Yoga” – an easy, dynamic series designed to help you build a stronger core and tone your overall physique. Practice this series to strengthen your bathing suit game and boost your confidence – for the beach and beyond.

– Namaste!

5 Beach Body Poses

Crescent Lunge

Crescent Lunge

Start in a standing position at the end of your mat. Take a big step forward with one leg, bending that knee so you are in a lunge position. Gently raise your arms up over your head so your hands touch in prayer position. Make sure your arms are up by your ears. Lift the heal of your back foot up off the mat to engage your toes. Slowly arch your back and begin to let your head and arms fall back. Try to visualize the shape of a crescent moon as you steady your gaze. Hold the pose for 8 breaths before releasing your arch and coming back to a standing position. Switch your feet and repeat the pose.

Tree Pose

Tree Pose

From a standing position, keep one foot rooted to the mat, bringing the opposite foot up to your inner thigh. Find your balance and then begin to lift your arms up. Visualize yourself as a tree, extending your rooted foot down and blossoming your arms up towards the sky. Steady your gaze forward. Hold the pose for 10 breaths before releasing your arms followed by both feet to the mat. Switch your feet and repeat the pose.

Tip-Toe Pulse

Tip-Toe Pulse
Start in a wide legged squat with your toes pointing out in opposite directions, not facing forward. Bring your hands together in prayer position, centered at your chest. Rise up onto the balls of your feet, reaching as high up on your toes as comfortable. Gently pulse up and down, lowering your heels to hover above the mat and then pushing back up to your toes. Pulse 10 – 15 times before returning to a standing position.

Extended Hand-To-Big-Toe Pose

Extended Hand-To-Big-Toe Pose
Coming from a standing position, keep your left leg firmly rooted to the mat, placing your left arm at your waist. Raise your right leg up, catching your big toe with the fingers of your right hand. Ensure your hips are square towards the front. Slowly straighten your leg and torso, opening the leg to one side. Steady your gaze as you find balance. Hold the pose for 3 – 5 breaths before releasing your arms and lowering your feet to the mat. Switch your feet and repeat.

* To modify – simply hold onto the knee of your raised leg rather than performing a full extension or use the assistance of a yoga strap. You can also ease into the pose by supporting your raised leg on the top edge of a chair back. This is a challenging pose so don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t come easy. Practice makes perfect!

Dancers Pose

Dancers Pose

Starting in a standing position, rest your body weight on one foot. Release the opposite heel back, lifting up towards your buttocks with a bent knee. Using your arm on the same side as your raised leg, catch the outside of the foot or ankle, securing this leg. Using this added resistance, kick your raised foot up and back, creating a bow-like shape. Raise the opposite arm up, steadying your gaze at the palm of your hand. Hold the pose for 10 breaths. Switch your feet and repeat.

We hope this series leaves your mind and body stimulated and energized, setting up your day for success both on and off the mat. For increased intensity, repeat this series several times in a row to build on your practice.

Check back as we continue For The Love of Yoga with upcoming series in development including:

Injury Prevention Yoga – strengthen and condition areas where injury occurs most often
Airport Yoga – discrete and effective poses you can do in transit
Meditation 101 – how to surrender and grow from stillness

* If you experience any pain or discomfort during the practice, stop immediately. Never push yourself past the point of gentle tension. It is advised to consult your doctor before starting any new exercise program.


Move over denim, leggings are here to stay. In fact, reports show that in the past year, women have ordered more leggings online than jeans. Leggings have become an integral element of fashion – both for activewear and everyday style. But with so many options to choose from, it’s important to invest in the right pair that will really go the distance. So, drawing on our design teams extensive knowledge, we’ve created a guide (based on our design process) to help you spot the best-quality leggings.

Tip #1 Fabric Quality:
When it comes to fabric quality, remember the acronym SCAR: Stretch, Compression, Airy, Retention
Look for these key words in the product details and technical aspects of the legging; 4-way stretch, lightweight compression, ventilation & sweat wicking technology and lastly, bounce-back shape retention.

Lightweight compression supports and shapes your legs while 4-way stretch gives you a hugged fit for all day comfort that moves with you. Sweat-wicking works to keep you dry by pulling the moisture away from your skin. Additionally, trendy treatments like mesh inserts or laser cut perforation promotes ventilation and ups the cool factor (literally and metaphorically). Shape retention is a key factor as you want to be able to wash your leggings and have them bounce right back to the original fit without feeling loose and baggy over time.

Splicer Laser Cut Studio 7/8 Legging

Tip #2 Coverage:
Ever catch a glimpse of yourself (or someone else) and realize your leggings are see-through? We’ve all been there and it’s never fun. In fact, it’s a real bummer (pun intended). Coverage is pivotal to a great pair of leggings and goes hand in hand with quality of fabric.

The “bend over test” is advised (bending over in front of the mirror to test out if the leggings are see-through). However, if you’re buying online, you probably won’t have that option. The last thing you want to worry about when doing downward dog is whether your assets are on display. To ensure quality coverage, look for leggings that have a gusset, or less attractively put, a crotch panel. This piece of material is sewn into the garment to add strength and ensure coverage isn’t compromised when you’re bending and stretching. As an added plus, look for ventilation at the inseam gusset to ensure a fresh feeling, wear after wear.

Revitalize Signature Legging

Tip #3 Functional Details:
When you hit the ground running, you want thoughtful solutions for safely and securely carrying your essentials. It’s also important to find details that make the wear and care of the leggings simple.

Here is a list of some of the top details to look for:

  • Concealed, interior waistband pocket for keys etc.
  • Exterior back or side zip pockets for security
  • Multiple carrying options like fitted, side pockets for electronics
  • Ankle hem zippers for getting in and out of fitted leggings
  • Continuous drawcord means you’ll never lose it in the wash
  • Machine washable/dryable leggings for easy care
  • A wide waistband with supportive panels for all day comfort

Sprinter Hi-Vis Run Legging

Tip #4 Size Customization:
We all want our leggings to fit perfectly but every body shape is evolving and unique. That’s why it’s important to look for customizable options that let you adjust size features. The inclusion of an internal drawcord is key as it allows you to adjust the fit of the waistband as needed. Additionally, we know that one size doesn’t fit all, especially when it comes to the inseam length. When you’ve already invested in a pair, having to get them hemmed is inconvenient and an added expense. Our cut to length feature solves this problem from the comfort of your home. Offering the choice of multiple hemlines at the bottom of the legging, simply cut below your line of your choice for the ideal length and a finished seam. This unique option allows you to customize the inseam for a tailor-made fit and feel. Who doesn’t love that?! (And if you listen closely, you can hear the cheers of vertically challenged people everywhere).

Revitalize Signature Legging

Tip #5 Price Point: 
Let’s be real. Some of the most popular legging brands are outrageously expensive. It’s important to remember that high price doesn’t always equal high quality. As a general rule, if you are spending more than your monthly phone/internet bill on a pair of leggings, you’re spending too much! i.e. the level of quality doesn’t really increase past this point. On the flip side, you won’t find quality leggings at a ridiculously low price either. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Shuffle 2.0 Active Legging / Splicer Laser Cut Studio 7/8 Legging / Energize 3.0 Studio Legging

We hope using this guide will help you find leggings that reflect the way you live – for work, rest, travel and play – with intelligent design and technical fabrics. Explore our extensive collection to find the highest-quality leggings with thoughtful details, perfect fit and stellar style. Let us show you why we have a leg up on the legging competition. From statement making styles to foundational, everyday leggings – we have a feeling you’ll never look elsewhere again!



MPG is excited to introduce For The Love of Yoga – an instructional series led by Chalnessa Eames. Our resident MPG yogi, influencer and creator of My Fituals exercise program, she created this exclusive fitness series to keep you motivated while inspiring your practice.

Chalnessa is a self-described unconventional yoga teacher with an intense passion for getting people to move their bodies. Her mantra is simple; It doesn’t matter when you start, it just matters that you keep going. She doesn’t demand perfect technique but focusses on fostering personal growth instead.

Journey along with Chalnessa as she takes us through a series of simple yoga poses that produce targeted physical and mental benefits you can see and feel. Who doesn’t love that! An upscale, expensive yoga studio isn’t required. All you need is a clear space in your home to get started today.

Our first For The Love of Yoga series focuses on “Morning Yoga”, designed to wake up your body, mind and soul as you kick start your day and your metabolism – Namaste!

5 Morning Stretches

Yoga Squat
yogasquatStart with your feet slightly wider than hip distance and squat all the way down on your mat, pressing your heels to the floor. With your hands in prayer position, use your arms to push your knees back as you move your torso forward. Breathe deeply and hold for 30 seconds.

Upward-Facing Dog
upwardfacingdogComing down on all fours, lay flat with your belly on the mat. Exhale and press your hands down making sure your shoulders are over top of your wrists. Straighten your arms, lifting your torso and legs off the floor, simulating a half push-up. Distribute your weight evenly between your hands and toes. Breathe deeply and hold for 15 seconds. * To modify – simply raise your torso up, leaving your legs on the floor

Downward-Facing Dog
downwardfacingdogFrom Upward-Facing Dog, tuck your toes under, press into your hands and begin to lift your hips up towards the ceiling, creating a triangle shape with your body. Spread fingers wide, press your heels to the floor and lift up through the tailbone to keep your spine long. Look towards your belly button and breath. Hold for 15 seconds.

Bridge Pose
bridgeposeCome to a laying position on your back, keeping your knees slightly closer than hip distance. Raise your hips up to the ceiling, as high as possible. Adjust your arms underneath your back and interlock your fingers to lock the bridge. Hold pose for 15 seconds then release by slowly rolling the spine down onto the mat. * To modify – simply keep your hands alongside your body for added support and raise your hips up off the mat to whatever height feels comfortable.

Childs Pose
childsposeTurnover on the mat to position yourself on all fours. Spread your knees wide apart while your big toes remain touching. Lower down and rest your bottom onto your heels. Center your breath and turn your awareness inward. Hold for as long as desired.

We hope this series leaves your mind and body stimulated and energized, setting up your day for success both on and off the mat. For increased intensity, repeat this series several times in a row to build on your practice.
Check back as we continue For The Love of Yoga with upcoming series in development including:
Beach Body Yoga – targeting your core as you prep for bathing suit season
Injury Prevention Yoga – strengthen and condition areas where injury occurs most often
Airport Yoga – discrete and effective poses you can do in transit
Meditation 101 – how to surrender and grow from stillness

* If you experience any pain or discomfort during the practice, stop immediately. Never push yourself past the point of gentle tension. It is advised to consult your doctor before starting any new exercise program.


screen-shot-2016-09-12-at-8-50-26-pmJulianne Hough working with our Design Team on upcoming Fall 2017 Design Concepts. Julianne is pictured here with our CEO and the design team reviewing new technical fabrics that fuse fashion with function. She gave her input on her fashion inspiration and the team collectively shared design insput – all in all a great collaborative design/review session!






julianne-hough-eventLast week was the official launch of the MPG Sport Spring collection at Lord and Taylor. Hosted at the Fifth Avenue Lord and Taylor, we celebrated the launch with a meet and greet with MPG Sport ambassador, dancer, actor and performer Julianne Hough! Between the press and the hundreds of fans showed up to celebrate with us and shop the collection exclusively sold at Lord and Taylor, it was quite the party.

Fan favorites include the black Blocker Capris and the Distinct Keyhole Sports Bra both from Julianne’s collection. Julianne Hough arrived looking stunning in a blush pink dress perfect for greeting and taking photos with the guests.


julianne-hough-interviewIf you missed it, be sure to check out the behind the scenes photos and the step and repeat images available now on the MPG Sport Facebook page, and special video of the event here; Lord and Taylor with Julianne Hough.

And—we are excited to announce that MPG Sport was featured on Access Hollywood.

We would also like to offer a gracious thank you to Karma Water that kept us all hydrated and on our game throughout the day with their vitamin water.

Thank you to everyone who attended the launch!





WINNIPEG, MANITOBA (December 16, 2015): Today, MPG is excited to announce a long-term collaboration with Emmy award-winning triple-threat Julianne Hough. Coinciding with MPG’s growing visibility in North America, this partnership marks a significant milestone as the brand continues to prevail in fusing fashion with function.

For MPG, the choice of Julianne Hough for this special collaboration is a direct extension of their core philosophy: My Performance, My Lifestyle. “Julianne Hough is the epitome of MPG’s core customer. Her healthy, fast-paced lifestyle requires seamless transitioning from rehearsal to social events to performances and everywhere in between. Our collections allow active individuals like Julianne to pursuit athletic and artistic excellence without sacrificing fashion for function,” says Ash Modha, CEO of MPG.

Hough, who became a household name as a two-time professional champion on ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars,” currently appears as a judge on the hit series and will be seen next in the feature film “Dirty Grandpa” opposite Robert De Niro and Zac Efron and will star in the FOX Television’s “Grease: Live” in January. “MPG has established strong roots in the dance and performance community and I love the fact that their designs are fashionable and use the latest state-of-the-art fabrications,” says Hough. “I gravitate towards pieces that are versatile enough to easily transition from active to ready-to-wear, so this brand is a perfect match for me.”

The collaboration will be introduced with 12 favorite styles curated and selected by Julianne from the Spring/Summer 2016 collection and future plans include a capsule collection designed by Julianne. Bridging the gap between performance and function, MPG’s latest collections marry trend worthy style with their signature emphasis on 4-way stretch, moisture wicking, breathability and quick-dry mesh ventilation to enhance ultimate comfort and maximum execution. Also, the company’s barrier technology uses seam sealed, anti-pilling and barrier yarn to ensure the highest waterproof protection in its fabric.

MPG’s online shop will offer the latest designs, including Hough’s curated selections, beginning in early February. The online destination offers a variety of pieces that are selected to build a fashionable edge to meet active lifestyles while remaining on-trend and stylish. To shop MPG, visit mpgsport.com and at select retailers worldwide.

The deal with MPG was brokered by Creative Artists Agency (CAA) on behalf of its client Hough.

For PR & Marketing Inquiries contact pr@mpgsport.com

For Sales Inquiries contact orders@mpgsport.com


People Magazine Online

Women’s Wear Daily


Time to sweat? Choosing the right sports bra can make or break your workout. With so many options out there it’s difficult to decide. To find the right sports bra for you, consider this:

Different activities require different support. Full support is perfect for your high intensity bootcamp class while light support is most comfortable for your restorative Hatha Yoga class.

When buying a sports bra the best ones mold to your body, breathe, and offer you a ‘no hassle – get right down to your workout’ quality.

You can have it all! Never sacrifice the right support for style and/or comfort.

To make shopping for the right sports bra a little easier we’ve narrowed down our fall favourites to these three. Depending on your mood, style and your favourite activity you’ll quickly decide which one works best for you.


Workout feeling confident with the right support today:


Not your average sports bra, MPG’s Elliptical hooded sports bra turns convention on its head by offering a removable hood on this high quality stylish undergarment. The genius of it all lies in its innate ability to be layered under other tops for a bit of added coverage when a chill is in the air. The bra features removable cups, a ponytail hole in the hood and 4 rows of stabilizing elastic at the back for increased comfort and fit. Make a statement with the hood up or zip it off and wear this fashion forward piece with your favourite running shorts to go that extra mile! This sports bra has four-way stretch and is breathable, moisture wicking, and quick drying to keep up with you.



MPG’s Shape Up sports bra has been specially designed to provide maximum smooth comfort by eliminating the need for seams. Using two layers of Seamless Infinity 360 fabric it’s doubled up on support while giving you more freedom to move. Triangular front ruche detailing adds increased bust definition while the convertible strap allows for personal customization. The Shape Up seamless double layer bra offers maximum comfort with the added bonus of being moisture-wicking, quick drying and breathable.



MPG’s Assert sports bra provides medium ventilated support using performance Jersey and mesh for you to become one with your practice. Feel supported from your first downward dog to your final savasana in this comfortable yoga bra, ideal for long vinyasa sequences and other high intensity activities. This sports bra gives you the soft second skin feel you want and the support you deserve. For serious sweat, this bra breathable and quick drying. The tranquil mesh insert provides extra ventilation to stay cool, calm and collected while its inherent four-way stretch enables you to move freely in any direction.



MPG Fall 15 Collection

Fall 15 Campaign video compilation

Visit Our Youtube Channel for more videos of our Fall 15 Messengers



Women’s Fall 15 Collection

Each season presents the MPG design team with a unique opportunity to create a collection that manages to encompass both the latest developments in activewear technology and design garments that echo and reflect the trends and styles found on runways in fashion capitals around the world. The MPG Fall 2015 Collection is no different.


(Click here to Shop Technology)

Aero-Flow: Built-in air management systems provide ventilation when the temperature rises. Fashionable yet practical engineered mesh ventilation panels help you stay cooler and work out longer, allowing you to take your performance to the next level.

Metamorph: Versatile and transitional garments that adapt to the individual on the go with reversible options that combine two looks into one – for your active performance or your everyday lifestyle.

Performance Wool: Engineered blended wool fabrics provide lightweight insulation and performance.

Fusion Remix: Offering the best of both worlds, we have blended knit and woven fabrics into one garment, giving the wearer the structure and element protection of a technical woven fabric and the 4-way stretch and comfort of an active knit fabrication. These pieces are highly versatile, suitable for trans-seasonal wear and offer wind protection as the temperature cools this season.



Men’s Collection

Our Men’s 2015 Collection focuses on performance-oriented pieces, infused with stylistic details and always keeping functionality a top priority. The colour palette is a combination of a perennially favourite men’s hues punched up with bright accents. Military green and shades of grey neutrals pair brilliantly with pops of orange and blue velocity. Silhouettes have been refined to be slimmer and streamlined, echoing prevalent market trends, and provide a tailored approach to men’s active. Slim sweat-pant jogger styles continue to dominate the active and casual men’s wear market and are well represented in MPG’s Men’s Fall 2015 Collection.


Spring 2015 Swim Capsule

The capsule marks MPG’s inaugural entry to the active swim market yet continues the brand’s continuing design philosophy of fusing fashion and performance. The garments herein are not only meant to be worn in the water but can be used during land workouts as well, making them ideal for triathlons, summer sports, beach runs and other water sports/activities. The designs offer 50+ UV protection and feature ventilation and high visibility accents.

Mesh inserts and panels are dramatically juxtaposed against an haute-couture lace pattern that invokes a touch of edginess slamming into classical sensibilities. The resulting pieces are unlike anything ever before seen in the swimwear market segment.


Cutter one-piece swimsuit.


Paradise bikini top and Speedie boy short.


Dune amphibious sports top.


Speedie boy short.

Ripple detail

Ripple bikini bottom.

Paradise front detail

Paradise bikini top detail.


Hybrid amphibious bottom detail.


Cutter front detail

Cutter one-piece swimsuit detail.

Beachie back detail

Beachie tank detail.


MPG Messenger and American Ballet Theatre principal dancer, Isabella Boylston.

Since it was first launched in Fall 2013, our designers have continued to refine and find new technologies and features to ensure the garments found in our COMMUTER CAPSULE remain at the forefront of fashion forward styling but also provide fully functional attributes such as reflectivity, ventilation for heat management, moisture wicking, 4-way stretch, breathability and element resistance.

Flippable cuffs, hems and pocket flaps cleverly obscure reflective accents allowing each to be deployed when the sun sets and light conditions become less than ideal while ventilation details have also been concealed under zippered keyholes.

Subtlety is key here, conveyed by the capsule’s decidedly subdued and restrained colour palette consisting of tarmac, sand dune, black and military green hues.

For the active woman on the go who might walk or cycle to work, the MPG Spring 2015 Commuter Capsule strikes a brilliant balance between professional aesthetics and performance functionality.


Tempest Front Tempest Rear Tempest Detail


Trench Front Trench Rear Trench Detail 2


Metro Front Metro Rear Metro Detail


Urban Front Urban Rear Urban Detail


Route Front Route Rear Route Detail