Mondetta Clothing Company has gifted the Mondetta Charity Foundation with Winnipeg’s most sought after golden prize: a pair of Jets tickets to the opening night game, accompanied by another pair of tickets to the final regular season game. The Mondetta Charity Foundation will be using the tickets to generate proceeds for their charitable operations, which include an orphanage in Kenya, a primary school in Uganda and their newest initiative, the 2012 Mondetta Charity Foundation Uganda Dental Clinic Mission which aims to bring much needed dental care to children who would otherwise forever go without.

Having partnered with eBay Canada, which will be hosting the auction, set to go live 8 pm (CST) Sunday, September 25th, the MCF is holding its auction in accordance with all CRA and Manitoba provincial rules and regulations and has received permission and support from Winnipeg Jets and MTS Centre owner, Mark Chipman. The winner will, of course, be issued a charitable tax receipt.

With nose-bleed tickets going for $1,000 a piece, the Mondetta Charity Foundation is optimistic and fairly confident the Section 107, Row 6 tickets can raise a significant amount of funds for a very worthy cause. The auction will close 7.59 pm (CST) Wednesday, October 5th, at which time the momentum built following the exhibition games, beginning September 20th, will have surely reached fever pitch. And if current prices being offered for comparable tickets are any indication, these tickets should undoubtedly fetch a rather hefty price at auction which would in turn allow the MCF to provide nutritional, educational and medical assistance to every single child under its care.

Between watching the Jets hit home ice for the first time in 15 years, and watching them play their last pre-playoff game after what is sure to be an incredible and emotional season, the winner of this auction will know they have taken part in two momentous historical events in addition to supporting a worthy cause to provide assistance to children who are in dire need and ask for so little.

Be sure to stay tuned to Community to find the official link to the eBay auction for your chance to become a part of history and support a wonderful cause!

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