It’s been a few months since we last checked in with MPG Messenger Olivier Wever’s extraordinarily exciting contemporary dance troupe, Whim W’Him, and we’re delighted to highlight their latest installation, Approaching Ecstacy, in which fellow MPG Messenger, Lucien Postlewaite will also feature.

From the Whim W’Him website comes the following description of the engaging new work:

Promising to break the mold on contemporary dance and choral performance, Olivier Wevers and Eric Banks collaborate on an entirely original new creation based on the sensual poetry of Constantine Cavafy. The poems explore expressions of remembered love and excruciating beauty. Watch as Casey Curran’s set reveals the stage in perpetual motion, while the poetry woven through Eric Banks’ original score comes to light with compelling choreography by Olivier Wevers.

For our fans in the Seattle area, Approaching Ecstacy will run from May 18th to the 20th and is not to be missed: With The Esoterics choir joining the dancers on stage in concert with composer Eric Banks’ compositions set to a string quartet and harp, the performance will be Whim W’Him’s largest to date!

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