Although we’ve hinted at it briefly on our Facebook page, we’re beyond thrilled to officially announce the partnership between MPG and Barre, ‘a real food bar developed by two dancers’ who echo and embody the inspiration behind MPG.








As professional ballet dancers with the Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre, Julia Erickson and Aaron Ingley, are consistently active at ‘the peak level of performance necessary for ballet’s unique marriage of artistry and athleticism,’ and as such, nutrition forms an important part of their day-to-day efforts in staying in top form. After failing to find exactly what she required from the myriad of energy bars found in grocery and health food stores and becoming disenchanted with the lack of ‘real food’ found therein, Julia applied her skills and affinity for cuisine to creating an in-between-meals snack that not only kept her going throughout the day but also had a great taste to match its energy-providing properties. After receiving positive reviews from fellow dancers on the first few batches, she consulted with partner and fellow dancer, Aaron, and the pair decided to make an actual go of it by evolving their personal relationship into a business partnership. Thus was born Barre.

When we first heard about Barre and learned more about what they were doing, we were instantly drawn to the driving force behind the company, illustrated by the language used on their official site:

Ballet is an exacting science and demands incredible attention to detail—it is not only an elite-level sport but also a highly refined art.

With an outlook closely hewed to our own aesthetic philosophy, the decision to connect and collaborate was an organic, easy one to make further bolstered by their efforts to give back to arts organizations across the US:

We feel art is vitally important in today’s world which is why we wanted to help both the dance community and society as a whole by increasing access to and awareness of the arts. Funding for the arts is dwindling at the very time when exposure to the arts has become more important than ever. Barre is proud to affect change by giving back to arts education programs.

Before embarking upon various co-branding initiatives in the coming months, we were thrilled to invite them both to become official MPG Messengers and were absolutely bowled over by the pictures they provided for their profile, some of which we were compelled to share with you here:

















It’s real food for real world athletes and people like you, to provide real energy for your performance.

Barre is available online at their official website and at retail outlets nationwide. Visit their store locator to find your closest retailer.

And be sure to stay tuned to MPGCliq and both the MPG and Barre Facebook pages for exclusive offers and promotions!

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