MPG-Logo-blackonwhiteWe’re thrilled to announce the winner of our inaugural MPG Messenger Search Contest is video personal trainer, Kelli Segars! From an original field of nearly 100 entrants that was eventually narrowed down to a top 10, she managed to rally the thousands of followers she’s amassed as part of the husband-wife team behind video workout site, Fitness Blender, to ultimately emerge victorious.
The Fitness Blender website’s polished, professional appearance belies the fact that it’s been created by two avid fitness enthusiasts on a ‘shoestring budget’ as an extracurricular pursuit outside of their day jobs. With a spare bedroom as an office and a garage as their studio, Kelli and Daniel Segars have achieved something quite special, which is only further evidenced by the massive audience for their weekly videos.

From the Fitness Blender website, describing Kelli and Daniel’s approach to what they do:

In our dedication to those who use our website, we focus on providing high quality information that we have gathered from over a decade in the health and fitness industry. We believe that if you make a clean, wholesome diet and regular exercise a priority, your overall health and quality of life will improve, and your physical appearance will naturally reflect that, as well.

That is why we set the goal of providing sound fitness information and full-length workout videos for every fitness level, completely free of charge. This way, everyone has access to what they need to keep their bodies strong and healthy.

Given Kelli’s personal philosophy towards fitness and active living, we’re more than mildly confident she’ll make an absolutely fantastic Messenger and have already begun preparing her photo shoot, which we hope you’ll stay tuned for when her images and video go live.

Please see below Kelli’s pictures, and video, from our Facebook contest:






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