We’re exceedingly excited to announce the appearance of Kelli Segars in our MPG Spring 2013 Editorial Campaign after she won our inaugural Facebook-based Messenger Search Contest. We briefly mentioned her victory back in February immediately after the contest drew to a close and are now back to provide a proper introduction to the newest addition to our Messenger team.



Along with her husband, Daniel, Kelli is owner, operator and online personal trainer at FitnessBlender.com, an online health and fitness resource aimed at providing a wealth of information on exercise, active living and of course, a treasure trove of free instructional work out videos that can be completed at home, in a hotel room while traveling or anywhere one might have internet access but not necessarily a gym.

Fitness Blender

Before establishing Fitness Blender, Kelli worked as an education counsellor/advisor for at-risk youth in a maximum security juvenile detention centre where she helped the kids there return to school/society after running afoul of the law by helping with resumé creation, job searches, complete the GED and helped facilitate the necessary steps to graduate and in so doing, turn their lives around. Acting as a mediator between the kids and their teachers, principals, guidance counsellors and, in some cases, their parents, Kelli was able to find joy working at what others might deem a difficult job by forming connections with the kids, who may have been facing adverse circumstances in their own lives, and helping them to make more positive choices.

Having grown up with parents who were avidly health conscious and encouraged their kids to get outside and play over sedentary hours spent watching TV or playing video games, Kelli has always been active especially when pursuing her first sporting love: volleyball. And although she’s always described herself as active, in the decade since graduating high school she has further developed and cultivated a healthy relationship with her body by taking care to eat healthy and create strength by not depriving herself calories, eschewing what appears on a scale and not engaging in exercise/workouts as punishment but rather as a way of life. The results, she believes, have had a profoundly positive and empowering impact on her life.

Kelli Daniel 2 Kelli Daniel 3 Kelli Daniel 4


While working out at her local gym, Kelli met her husband and Fitness Blender partner, Daniel. Their union has been one of shared values, philosophies and goals from the beginning of the relationship that led to their creating FitnessBlender a mere two years after getting married. Together, they’ve forged a shared approach to fitness that espouses there is no one style of exercise that is absolutely perfect and to achieve optimum levels of performance one needs to train in a combination of styles to attain strength, endurance, balance and flexibility, which will ultimately result in allowing one to move throughout life with ease and confidence, able to meet any physical challenge.

We feel really passionate about encouraging people to foster a healthy relationship with their bodies, urging them to put less focus on appearance & bodyweight and to lean more towards true health; we want to encourage people to appreciate their bodies, to nourish and strengthen their bodies.
-Kelli & Daniel Segars

Kelli and Daniel transforming their garage into their Fitness Blender studio.

Kelli and Daniel transforming their garage into the Fitness Blender studio.


Their message has clearly struck a chord as evidenced by their ever-expanding audience that has grown to a large community of followers all adhering to the ‘FitnessBlender Way.’ By watching the videos, printing out workouts, receiving tips via helpful articles and also availing themselves to the trove of recipes found on the website, their followers have found that Fitness Blender truly has become a one-stop hub for every resource imaginable to getting fit and living healthy. The fact that Kelli and Daniel have embarked upon their project without hope for glory, fame or fortune but rather to share their passion of what they have learned in the last 10 years as health and fitness professionals makes Kelli’s appearance as an MPG Messenger a perfect fit, a melding of philosophies, and everyone here on the MPG team is thrilled to welcome her as our first fan-voted Messenger.

Click here to see all of Kelli’s images and here for her video!

Screen shot of a typical Fitness Blender Workout Video.

Screen shot of a typical Fitness Blender Workout Video.

Screen Shot 2013-03-21 at 2.58.36 PM

Specific exercise videos, classified by target areas, found on Fitness Blender.

Screen Shot 2013-03-21 at 2.59.03 PM

Articles on fitness matters found on FitnessBlender.com.

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  1. Hello! I want to point with which I and continues to succeed with Kelly’s exercises through Israel distant computer screen! I was very glad Kelly’s winning the competition and had no doubt that it gives a lot of people true happiness through fitness training can be done at home! Good luck and congratulations!
    Marina Elstein Israel – and you are welcome :-)

  2. Thanks for commenting, Marina! It’s fantastic to hear from one of Kelli’s fans, especially all the way from Israel!
    We agree with your sentiments and are beyond ecstatic to have her join us a Messenger!
    The MPG Web Team

  3. I am SO proud of Kelli (and Daniel) winning this – I could think of no better fitness ambassadors than the two. The work (or should I say “labor of love”) they do at Fitness Blender is absolutely God send, they don’t cost me a dime and they definitely produce results! Because of them I have become fit without going to the gym or spending on miscellaneous equipment. They are so down to earth, it’s inspirational. Congratulations Kelli! I am SO happy for you. You truly deserve this … and so much more! :)

  4. Thanks for the fantastic feedback, Starfruit! We couldn’t agree with your sentiments more and are thrilled to have Kelli represent MPG for the Spring 2013 season/collection! Plus, it’s brilliant to hear from individuals such as yourself who have seen a real difference from completing the Fitness Blender workouts.
    Again, thanks very much, and best of luck on your fitness journey.

  5. Thank you so much for welcoming Kelli! Kelli and Daniel have changed my life! I could never stick to a workout plan but somehow they have encouraged and motivated me to continue on this journey and it is just amazing. The knowledge they have and the wonderful workouts they dedicate their time to doing for us is absolutely astounding! Congratulations Kelli keep up the wonderful work we all love you guys!! :)

  6. Hi, my name is Eddy, i’m from Guatemala. I started doing fitness blender exercises around 2 months ago and i’m very happy with results since today. Thanks Kelli and Daniel for had that awesome idea of creating their own website, and share with all the people their routines, i hope you can grow more and that more people all over the world can watch you guys!! Blessings and keep working hard :)

  7. Thanks, Eddy, for sharing your experiences with FitnessBlender.
    All of us here couldn’t be more thrilled that Kelli emerged the ultimate champion of our Messenger Search contest are overjoyed to have her representing the brand.
    We hope you continue on your fitness journey with Kelli and Daniel and wish you the best of luck.

  8. From Germany, Im really happy to find out FitnessBlender with this amazing couple, i love them!!! they make part my day, the exercises and the way that they develop each routine encourage to keep myself health and positivism…


  9. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts with us, Sol! We’re absolutely thrilled to hear Kelli and Daniel’s website, FitnessBlender.com, has made such a positive impact on your life and fitness journey.
    We couldn’t be happier that Kelli was one of our Messengers for the Spring 2013 season.
    Best of luck as you continue to work out.

  10. Great job Kelli

  11. Congrates to Kelli for winning! I’m a holistic nutrition coach in Switzerland and I literally tell all my clients to go the Fitnessblender way! Bravo et Merci all the way from the Olympic City of Lausanne for all the commitment and great work, made available for free!

    Kind regards, Birgit

  12. I love MPG and love Fitness Blender. Kelli and Daniel have been our workout partners for almost 2 years now, I am never bored with my workout routines thanks to them.

  13. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Sarah! We were thrilled to have wrapped up our inaugural Messenger Search Contest with Kelli taking the title: she personifies the values we here at MPG hold dear and we are honoured to call her an MPG Messenger.

  14. I have recently been introduced to Fitness Blender and am left wondering why did I not know about them earlier? I look forward to being stronger and fitter thanks to wonderful Daniel and Kelli!