Good friend of the brand, Holly Wick, who is the head buyer for retail partner, Athletic Soles, recently competed in and won her age group in the Ironman Distance Race at Lake Tahoe, which took place on September 22nd. According to the Ironman organization, the Lake Tahoe course is the most difficult given the terrain and climate conditions.

Holly Wick celebrating her win at the Ironman Distance Race - Lake Tahoe.

Holly Wick celebrating her win at the Ironman Distance Race – Lake Tahoe.

Having completed 7 previous Iron Man races, Holly was well-suited to be a contender but even she admits she was unprepared for the conditions presented that themselves on race day:

On the morning of the race it was 27F on the beach. Once in the water I was okay for the 2.4 mile swim but the bike portion was a completely different matter since I didn’t have arm warmers and only a light cycling jersey. My bike seat was frozen and my forearms had ice on them for most of the ride – 112 miles with a lot of climbs. – Holly Wick

Due to the chilly conditions, Holly found it difficult to even eat and provide her body the sustenance it would require for such a gruelling trek. Without food and facing the bitter cold, Holly’s body was beginning to shut down yet she nevertheless found the will to persevere to the finish line where she was unaware she had won until she’d returned to her cabin to defrost.

Holly’s victory at Lake Tahoe has qualified her for the Ironman world championships taking place in Kona, where she’s looking forward to much more hospitable climes!

All of us here on the MPG team wish Holly a hearty congratulations on a race well swum/cycled/run and are both awed and inspired by her incredible willingness to push herself to the limits of her physical capabilities.


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