A little while back, we reported that MPG’s inaugural retail location opened in the trendy and youth-oriented shopping district of Itaewon in Seoul, South Korea. In the short time since, another stand alone location, several mall outlets and a slew of department store soft shops have opened to critical and public acclaim. Below, we highlight just a few of the new MPG retail stores taking Korea by storm.

The original MPG shop in Itaewon, Seoul.

The original MPG shop in Itaewon, Seoul.

MPG Bundang

The stand-alone shop, located in the highly developed and affluent Bundang district that is home to the city’s repatriated expats, has been enthusiastically received with nothing short of effusive praise for an alternative to prevalent brands found in the activewear market segment. One customer there was heard to remark she traveled over an hour and a half to see what MPG had to offer and,  subsequently, was not disappointed by what she found.
The Korea Team has already begun enlisting MPG Messengers one of whom held a fitness class at the shop.


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MPG Shinsegae Gagnam

Another location is situated at the Shinsegae Shopping Mall in the Gagnam area of Seoul popularized in Psy’s international hit, Gagnam Style.

      IMG_0390           IMG_0437


MPG Shinsegae Inchon

The last we’ll be focusing upon here is a soft-shop in the Shinsegae Department Store located in Seoul’s Inchon neighbourhood where an in-store fitness session also took place.








The Korea MPG team has ambitious plans to continue its rapid expansion across the nation with an additional 15-20 more locations slated to open by the end of 2015. We will, of course, keep you posted on developments as they transpire.

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  1. I just bought my first pair of yogatoners at the bundang location. They helped me with my size and they fit perfectly. After one wash (on delicate) and hangdryed…. the seam in the back unraveled which there is now a hole too… is this normal? I am super disappointed.

  2. Hi Samantha,
    The issue you experienced with your YogaToners is definitely unfortunate but is also a rare occurrence of a garment failing to meet the exacting construction specifications that go into every MPG product, which is in itself something upon which our company has built its reputation.
    We would strongly encourage you to return your YogaToners for a replacement which we are confident will not fall apart at the seams.
    We will also contact our colleagues in Korea to apprise them of your issue.
    On behalf of the entire company, please accept our most sincere apologies.
    The MPG Web Team