Following what was a truly fantastic Messenger Search Contest that had us receiving hundreds of terrific entries, we couldn’t be more thrilled to announce the winner of our MPG Spring 2015 Messenger Search, Kelly Fuston, who is a blogger over at Fat Girl Gone Fit.

Kelly’s fitness journey, she let us know after we had the distinct pleasure to let her know she’d won our contest, transformed not just her body, but her life as well. Going from, in her own words, the kid that played sports and “got the ‘thanks for trying’ trophy,” Kelly is now training for her first figure competition and recently celebrated the completion of her first half marathon.

After entering MPG’s Messenger Search on a whim, Kelly did quite a bit in between her initial entry and making it to round two: After getting married and leaving for her honeymoon, she received an email announcing that she was officially through to the second round. She credits her incredible following, those who have shown their support and provided the gift of motivation every step of the way, with her victory. “I hope to be able to spread my message of self-love no matter where someone is at in his or her journey. I want to help spread that hope,” she remarked on what she hoped would come of her MPG entry.

Kelly’s goal is to spread possibility: The hope that every individual has the power to transform his or her own life. She believes that accomplishments, such as entering competitions and running, has more to do with weight loss or getting caught up in the numbers. Her message is more about lasting memories, such as becoming confident in one’s own skin, loving her body and hitting goals like her first unassisted pull up.

Looking forward, Kelly hopes to start a family with her new husband, and continue inspiring people to tackle their goals and (literally) chase their dreams. Personally, Kelly is planning to bring her best self forward to the figure stage in August when she competes. Even now, to Kelly, the emphasis isn’t on appearance, but on leaving it all at the gym and surpassing her personal bests. Kelly has been embarking on her fitness journey for nearly three years, and though she admits we all love a good finish line, she suggests that learning to enjoy the process goes a long way: “Win each daily battle and eventually you win the war.” Another major focus? In between hitting it hard in the gym, Kelly encourages everyone to love themselves, regardless of where they might find themselves in their own experiences.

In fact, inclusivity is one of the aspects that first drew Kelly to MPG: “My favorite thing about MPG is that they embrace everyone, every body, every aspect of what make people beautiful – their differences.” When asked about the advice she’d give to those hoping to get healthy, Kelly had the following thoughts to share:

Eat to be healthy & ditch the diet. You need to properly fuel your body and nourish it. If you don’t eat, you are only harming yourself. All these fad diets and tricks don’t work in the long run. Just eat healthy food.

Keep it simple. People always try to make weight loss harder than what it really is. You don’t need a million supplements and machines to lose weight. There is no magic pill or secret – just eat whole foods and move more. In regards to exercise, you don’t need to start your journey bench pressing 300lbs; if all you can do is walk, do it! That is where I started out.

Don’t freak out. Even though you are trying to lose weight, life still happens. Unexpected situations arise, holidays happen and treat meals occur. Enjoy yourself and remember you worked hard for it.

It’s easy to see why Kelly is our fan-picked Messenger: With her fierce determination, incredible example of perseverance and success, and body-positive message, she is a role model in the gym and beyond. Welcome, Kelly – we couldn’t be more excited to have you representing MPG!

Kelly will officially become a Messenger following her photo shoot which should be taking place in the next few months. Stay tuned to see what promise to be some truly spectacular images as part of our Spring 2015 editorial campaign!

And scroll down to see some of Kelly’s inspiring transformation images and messages:

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  1. What an amazing girl!! Such an inspiring story. ♡

  2. Kelly
    We are all very inspired by your story at MPG. Congrats

    Ash Modha

  3. Congrats Kelly, you are amazing! As a fellow competitor in this contest, I’m really happy for you girl!! You’re inspiring! Keep rockin’! Xoxo Dani from DaniGetUrGunz.com

  4. We are in awe of your graciousness, Dani, and will most definitely convey your congrats and best wishes to Kelly!
    Also, just because the contest is over, we hope you’ll remain a true friend of the brand!

  5. Kelly, I love your story! Amazing! Keep up the amazing work!

  6. Thank you everyone! I am so excited for this opportunity to represent an amazing brand!

    Dani, you are beautiful and such an inspiration! Keep killin it!