MPG is passionate about passionate people: People who, with their movement, their fashion, and their leadership, inspire us and keep us moving. Now, we’re taking our fusion of fashion and function a step further, and chatting with our Messengers about everything from guilty pleasures to what gets them up in the morning. Ready to get motivated? We asked yoga instructor and free diver, Brittany Trubridge, about her favorite healthy snack, most-loved way to move, and more…


Photo: Daan Verhoeven

What MPG piece can you not stop wearing?

I’m obsessed with the Maya smoky rose print tank top. I wear it out and about and also on the mat.

What is your favorite way to sweat?

It’s a toss up between yoga and gardening

What is the inspirational quote that gets you out of bed in the morning?

What gets me out of bed isn’t a quote; it’s the feeling of gratitude.

Favorite healthy snack?

Plain yogurt w/ pumpkin and flax seed seeds, hemp hearts and a splash of maple syrup!

Favorite guilty pleasure?

Mojitos with fresh mint form my garden

Quick, someone needs motivation…what do you say?

Choose a feeling you want to feel…and feel it. Happiness, peace, freedom, joy…it’s all a choice and we have the power to consciously tune into any vibration our heart desires. Clarity is important though, that’s why it helps to think about how you want to feel. Step two is action – embodying the feeling is easier than you think. If you stay with it long enough, or revisit it enough, it becomes a habit. We often do this unconsciously so reminding people that we have control over our reality to a certain extent is very empowering.

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