The following is a guest blog written by MPG Messenger and Yoga Instructor, Britta Trubridge.


“Every flow has its ebb.” – French Proverb

Life ebbs and flows and we all find ourselves in the lower vibration of an ebb from time to time. An ebb can be something as simple as a period of introspection or recharging or something as soul shaking as the loss of a loved one and the mourning thereafter. There is nothing wrong with periods of low vibrations, and it is important to remember that there is beauty and wisdom in all of life’s tides and often it is when we struggle against them that we cause ourselves unnecessary pain. However, it is not uncommon to find ourselves subconsciously recreating a pattern of low vibration, in turn getting our energies “stuck” in an ebb and as a result creating unnecessary long-term mental, physical and spiritual discomfort.

You know this has happened when you recognize the desire to reconnect and get the energies flowing again but seem to have forgotten how. If this has happened to you or someone you know remember first and foremost not to judge or be angry at yourself (this will only perpetuate the cycle) and rather bare in mind that you are not alone in this and there are steps that you can take to begin to regain your power. Below are a few techniques I have found that if actively applied really help to raise the inner energies and improve mental well-being.

Get into nature

Set your intention to connect, release and recharge through nature. Go for a hike, lay on the beach, sit in the garden. Just make sure that your body actually touches the Earth (no side walks, concrete pool decks etc.). Kick off your shoes, turn off your devices and give yourself a minimum of 30 minutes of silent communion with nature. Focus on the way the sun feels on your skin, the way your body feels being gently tugged against the Earth, observe the intricacies of a leaf, the behaviors of the animals or bugs, or the brilliance of the moon. You could even plant a flower or some seeds, do a little weeding, sink your fingers into the Earth, swim in the sea – the possibilities are endless here.

Move your body

Yoga is wonderful but sometimes it can be hard to find the inspiration for a practice, in this case take a brisk walk or go for a swim. Don’t even think of it as exercise and don’t push yourself. Simply focus on getting your blood, oxygen and lymph flowing. Think of it as a little treat from you to your body 😉


To Yourself

Take a scented candlelit bubble bath and use those fancy suds you’ve been saving. Pick or buy some beautiful flowers and take a little extra time to arrange them. Dry brush your skin, massage your own feet (or go get a professional massage if you can!) Read an indulgent book (or a book designed to support your well-being!) put on that song that makes your heart blossom in smiles on your face. The list is endless. Take the extra time to do something extra loving for yourself.

*Side note: chocolate and champagne don’t count, sorry ladies! …Though these things might feel like “treats” they aren’t actually going to rejuvenate and nurture your body! Don’t think immediate gratification, think of something that is enjoyable but will also nourish you in the long run.

To Another

Make a point to give something to someone else today. Buy or make a “just because” gift or card for a loved one. You could simply make a commitment to smile or give a compliment to three people today. Whatever you give, it’s the act of giving that feels good and opens up the energetic flow of abundance.

Talk about it

Opening up to a confidant, someone you trust unequivocally, can allow you to unburden yourself and perhaps gain a different perspective on the matter at hand.

Write about it

Writing your feelings out forces you to think about them differently and perhaps see things in a different light.

Get creative

Take 30 minutes to nurture your creativity. This doesn’t mean doing something that you are good at, it just means what it says “nurturing your creativity.” Try something you’ve never done before…make up a short fictional story, paint your cat, draw your husband, cut up some old clothes and make them into something new, try out a new hairstyle, make a new piece of jewelry out of something old, paint your nails, bake a cake (try a new healthy recipe then give it to someone as an added bonus!!).

The idea behind all of these suggestions is simply to take you back to the basics. Breath, movement, nature, creativity, giving and receiving –all forms of energetic “flow” to help you tap back into just that…the flow :)


Britta Trubridge (B.A. Psychology), creator of B. Tru Yoga and the TruBlue Foundation, is a 500h RYT, a 300h certified Ayurvedic Counselor and a Reiki Healer with specialties in acupressure, crystal and chakra therapies. Britta is also an AIDA3 star freediver and is the yoga specialist for the elite Vertical Blue freediving school. Britta teaches a Vinyasa flow laced with Kundalini, energy healing techniques, internal flexibility maneuvers and pranayama. Her synergistic work in combining yoga, freediving and energy healing has allowed for a beautiful infusion of the more subtle aspects of yoga into a well-rounded physical and spiritual practice.

Britta currently holds Caribbean Yoga Retreats Fall through Spring, European Workshops and Retreats in the summer and offers Ayurvedic Consultations year round.



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