MPG Fall 2014

Women’s Collection

The MPG Fall 2014 Women’s Collection continues the previous season’s approach by dividing the line into activity-specific capsules including RUN/ACTIVE, YOGA, DANCE/LIFESTYLE and COMMUTER. As always, inspiration has been gleaned from fashion runways to ensure MPG remains at the forefront of creating collections that are infused, and elevated beyond the norm, with cutting edge design and styling.


Intended for running and medium to high-intensity workout such as CrossFit, PDX, Spinning and myriad other activities that push the human body to its limits, the RUN/ACTIVE capsule features embossed python patterns, mesh accent details, concealed reflectivity and a striking mottled, non-pattern conforming plaid/geometric print. The palette includes on-trend black and white with an apple green for strategic high-contrast pop accents.

LT47-Push-green-F  LT54-Soul-Mandarin-F LT98-Select-White-W
LT80-Zoey-front-charcoal  LB99-Strut-Front LO15-Jasmine-white-F


Pieces in the YOGA capsule, as expected, are loose draping for relaxed silhouettes, ideal for studio classes in any form of yoga. The print story features a first-time foray into a captivating and majestic landscape print that integrates the capsule’s three main hues: zinfandel, mandarin and text blue. The result are pieces that are not only comfortable to wear but are also interesting and unique. Cover-ups are constructed from a wool blend for added warmth perfect for traveling to and from class.

LT52-Flow-Blue-F  LT55-Jiva-f LT99-Annex-Zinfandel-F
LB02D-Perspective-LandscapePrint-F  LB96-Reach-RunPlaidPrint-F LB96A-Reach-YogaPlaidPrint-F


Our most casual and versatile capsule, the LIFESTYLE collection features featherweight tanks accented with burnout lace for an added touch of playful femininity in addition to lightweight and airy rayon-terry coverups. The pieces herein are meant to be mixed and matched with both the active pieces found in other capsules as well as with casual items such as jeans, blazers or your go-to fall boots. The palette herein is comprised of zinfandel, blue grass, oatmeal and heather charcoal.

LT75-Fiona-HeatherOatmeal-F  LT73-Portia-Zinfandel-F LT68-Epiphany-f-bluegrass
LT19A-Kate-coral-f  LB77-Carouse-HeatherCharcoal-F LB30-Maia-f-ink


For the woman on the go, the COMMUTER capsule remains subtle above all else: reflective accents have been cleverly obscured and the palette remains true to that theme with black, charcoal and dark olive tones. Outerwear pieces are element resistant while the bottoms feature a herringbone jacquard and tops a warm thermal brushed jersey.

LO09-Lane-Black-F  LT89-Tempest-olive-F
LB38-Explore-Black-F  LB24-Urban-Black-Front



Lazy Sundays, to and from the gym or other relaxed environs, the BURNOUT WASH styles adopt the Comfort is Key ethos in its approach. Slim-fit sweatpants, which have exploded over the past year, are prominently featured while tops are ruched, slouchy and possess an innate wearability.

LT96W-Esprit-f-zinfandel  LT91W-Innocence-HeatherOatmeal-F1 LT74W-Illusion-f-black
Lb60P-Scrunch-Black-F  LT62-Temerity-HeatherCharcoal-F LB94-Patience-HeatherCharcoal-F


Jacquard and pigment dye is the story for seamless this season with colours that are elegantly mixed in combinations of purple cactus, text blue and charcoal. Intended as underpinnings or paired with cover-ups, the tops could also be used for hot yoga. Seamless construction, as always, allows for maximum comfort in any setting or during any activity.

LT59J-Mist-F  LT91J-Panorama-f LT90J-Vivacity-f
LB45J-Exist-Zinfandel-F  LT60J-Cosmo-Blue-F LB46J-Bijou-Black-F

Men’s Collection

Our Men’s 2014 Collection builds on the steps forward made in Spring by continuing to remain performance-oriented yet infused with even more stylistic flourishes and a dash of gentlemanly flair. The result is a complete collection, divided among activity-specific capsules, that is sophisticated, functional and fashion forward. The palette has been updated with two strong blue tones, prince and deep navy, zinfandel and orange. Silhouettes have been refined to be slimmer and streamlined, echoing prevalent market trends, and provide a tailored approach to men’s active. Especially exciting is the inclusion of slim sweatpants which have exploded on fashion capital runways and continue to be at the forefront of both active and casual men’s wear. Capsules this season include RUN/ACTIVE, LIFESTYLE, COMMUTER and CORE.

MT20-Command-Navy-f  MT21-Mandate-Grey-F MT52-Fore-Blue-f
MT17-Dominate-Navy-f  MT74-Exeter-Oatmeal-F MT73-Richmond-Zinfandel-f
MB27-Actuate-navy-f  MB29-Physique-Navy-F
MB18-Weston-f  MB25-Broadway-black-f

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