by Sadie Nardini, founder of Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga, author of the 21-Day Yoga Body (Random House) and MPG Ambassador

As someone who has lost 40 pounds doing yoga, and also created the exact style of yoga, Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga that often gives yogis more weight loss and fitness results a—than other yoga styles including a lean, toned body.

As an a anatomy and yoga movement expert, who travels the world at the top levels, I designed CSV Yoga to do a few things that are unique and, I feel, make it a more targeted approach when you want to optimize your body composition and get your Zen on too:

*Activates your Deep Core Body Muscle Meridian: a line of muscles that spark more calorie burn and usage during the yoga session.

*Stimulates more heat, better digestion and better detoxification.

*Builds more comprehensive lean muscle mass, so you burn more fat and calories, even while you sleep!

*Is anatomically optimal so you can move more strongly without as much risk of strain or injury.

Yes, yoga can be one of the worst ways to lose weight, but it can also be one of the best. It all depends on the type you choose.

However, though this yoga style will trim and tone you, I advocate that a smaller number on the scale is not always better, nor healthier. Fit is the new skinny! . I happen to be built like a telephone pole, but Iʼve been 15 pounds lighter than this, and I didnʼt look well. I invite students to become fit and strong and toned–and at a proper weight for their frame, juicy to beanpole, and everything in-between. This is always a part of any discussion about yoga as a tool for inner and outer physical fitness.

I am also not just about the superficial body and am interested in how to stimulate all our systems to get more circulation, nerve flow, lymph cleaning, anti-aging, immunity and healing. And, I’m definitely proponent of a physically-based practice that leads students into other life lessons as they move.

Thatʼs why if you watch my latest Yoga for Weight Loss, or any, video of mine, or sit in a room with me in person, youʼll always hear a full spectrum of benefits you can receive from the time youʼve joined me, from calorie burn and weight loss to weight maintenance and whole body tone, but thatʼs not all.

I also mention that if you need to lose weight, then you can do it with this style. If you donʼt, thereʼs always “weight” to drop on other levels–stress, tension, old constrictive stories, toxins and anything else blocking you from being in your inherent state of healthy vitality and inner balance.

And, by the way, when I began yoga, I came for the workout, and I left before savasana. I wanted my body to look like the yoga body. Period. I would no more have meditated or read the Sutras than the man in the moon.

Of course, as I became more strong in my body, and transformed it, I also became more healthy, happy, confident, and calm. I started with a deep concern about my outer shape, and progressed into a profound interest in my own well-being and living the other beyond-backfat principles of yoga.



And yes, I learned to meditate, and (usually) like it.

The physical gateway got me into yoga. Then yoga seeped in, and here I am today, teaching millions of people about the whole enlightening, empowering, transformative enchilada that a Hatha yoga practice offers them.

If you peruse my over 300 free videos on YouTube, youʼll see all sorts of topics, from how to breathe more deeply, to insomnia, quick meditations, power smoothies for energy, the meaning of OM, Core Strength, and–yep–weight loss.
I hear from virtual viewers all the time that they never thought of trying yoga until they found a video they needed for some issue or ailment, like dropping some unwanted pounds or de-stressing.

I havenʼt covered every doorway in, but I full well know that some people are attracted through the body. And–why the hell not?

In my opinion, to try any fitness program, yoga or otherwise, for the sole purpose of losing weight, in a country whose obesity and diet-related illnesses are skyrocketing, is something we should all encourage.

If you are seeking a powerful weight loss routine that has additional benefits, then yoga can be a perfect fit!

Just the act of coming to the mat, whatever oneʼs intention, shows a spark of self- nourishment, a seed of self-esteem and the root of courage that we as teachers have committed to help grow, whatever the surface desire might seem at first.

Not to mention that being sick and depressed, too-overweight and out-of-balance are some of the first obstacles that we as practitioners must aim to improve if we want to be able to optimally focus on the deeper layers of our being.

Itʼs not always possible, but, when it is under oneʼs control, when oneʼs habits are causing dukkha, or suffering, anxiety and stress on the system, then it is quite appropriate to target those areas, and shift them into more sukha, or ease in the body, mind, and heart—outside and in.

Here’s how!:

Try a 10-minute Yoga for Weight Loss video practice with me that gives you the benefits of 20 minutes of most yoga in just 10!

Or my 20-Minute Yoga for Fatburning & Weight-loss Yoga Sequence with 3 million views and counting!

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