Kish Modha: Retirement

Former VP of Administration and Human Resources at Mondetta Clothing, Kish Modha, has recently announced his retirement from the company though he will retain his role as President and Chairman of the Mondetta Charity Foundation, which he founded in 2006.


As uncle to original partners, Ash and Prashant Modha, Kish was an early, and ardent, supporter of his nephews’ entrepreneurial spirit and could be relied upon to lend a vehicle, make loans/investments or provide guidance the young fellows, and their two friends Raj and Amit Bahl, so direly needed to make a go of the business they’d started. Plus, given his years of experience as a professional photographer, he was also able to ensure their first forays into editorial photography had the right look and feel the company wished to create.

Originally from Uganda, Kish, his wife, Divya, and the rest of his family was expelled from the only land they had ever called home. Prior to the dramatic events of 1972 under then dictator, Idi Amin, Kish had recently begun his career as a national parks game warden at Queen Elizabeth National Park in Uganda having realized his life-long dream of working with the animals he so dearly loved as a child. Although leaving East Africa was difficult, Kish embraced the challenge and ventured West as a humanitarian refugee eventually settling on the US Eastern Seaboard.

Those first few years were difficult, to say the least: Working odd jobs to make ends meet, he and Divya were suddenly thrust into a new world drastically different from their home. But they endured and, in 1975, decided to travel north to Canada where other family members had already settled. Upon arriving in Winnipeg, Kish was offered an opportunity to turn what was once a passionate hobby, photography, into a profession by opening a photo studio in the northern community of Thompson, MB where, against all odds, he found success as a small business owner.


Several years later, he and Divya would return to Winnipeg where they would eventually open another three photography studio outlets, all of which flourished until the dawn of the digital age eventually forced Kish to shutter his last studio in 2005. Coincidentally at that time, Mondetta’s previous general manager was compelled to leave his position due to health reasons which allowed Kish to seamlessly transition to that role, a post that would ultimately become, as aforementioned, Vice President of Administration and Human Resources.

These days, Kish’s enduring passion remains the MCF, the achievements of which have been nothing short of remarkable. In Kampala, Uganda, the MCF has adopted a primary school in one of the city’s largest slums, Kamwokya Primary School. There, the MCF has made vast improvements to the kitchen, installed classroom partitions, constructed a play structure on the campus and, at present, is building an extra wing to provide additional classrooms for a rapidly expanding student body. In neighbouring Kenya, the MCF provides assistance to an orphanage in Lamu that currently tends to and cares for 52 children ranging in age from 1 month to 3 years old.

MCF Kish Picture

Locally, Kish continues to remain active across a wide variety of voluntary and philanthropic pursuits and was awarded the ‘Humanitarian of the Year Award’ by the Indo-Canadian Chamber of Commerce and the ‘Unsung Hero’ award by the India Association of Manitoba in recognition of his efforts to tirelessly improve the lives of others.


Always affable and all too eager to offer a warm greeting to every member on our staff, Kish will be missed at the office. But of course, we wish him the very best as he embarks upon the next chapter of his life and realize that our loss will be to the benefit of both the local and international community.

Good luck, Kish!

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