MPG Fall 15 Collection

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Women’s Fall 15 Collection

Each season presents the MPG design team with a unique opportunity to create a collection that manages to encompass both the latest developments in activewear technology and design garments that echo and reflect the trends and styles found on runways in fashion capitals around the world. The MPG Fall 2015 Collection is no different.


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Aero-Flow: Built-in air management systems provide ventilation when the temperature rises. Fashionable yet practical engineered mesh ventilation panels help you stay cooler and work out longer, allowing you to take your performance to the next level.

Metamorph: Versatile and transitional garments that adapt to the individual on the go with reversible options that combine two looks into one – for your active performance or your everyday lifestyle.

Performance Wool: Engineered blended wool fabrics provide lightweight insulation and performance.

Fusion Remix: Offering the best of both worlds, we have blended knit and woven fabrics into one garment, giving the wearer the structure and element protection of a technical woven fabric and the 4-way stretch and comfort of an active knit fabrication. These pieces are highly versatile, suitable for trans-seasonal wear and offer wind protection as the temperature cools this season.



Men’s Collection

Our Men’s 2015 Collection focuses on performance-oriented pieces, infused with stylistic details and always keeping functionality a top priority. The colour palette is a combination of a perennially favourite men’s hues punched up with bright accents. Military green and shades of grey neutrals pair brilliantly with pops of orange and blue velocity. Silhouettes have been refined to be slimmer and streamlined, echoing prevalent market trends, and provide a tailored approach to men’s active. Slim sweat-pant jogger styles continue to dominate the active and casual men’s wear market and are well represented in MPG’s Men’s Fall 2015 Collection.

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